10 Reasons Affiliate Marketers need to Build an Email List

how to build an email list

You’ll hear most bloggers who are making a full time income online say the money is in the list.

What does this mean to you as a newbie affiliate marketer?  This answers the question why you need to build an email list that you market to on a regular basis?


Here is a list of 10 reasons affiliate marketers need to build an email list.  This list is comprised from my own experience in affiliate marketing and advice I gleaned from some of the top affiliate marketers in the industry on why you should have an email list.


1. It is far easier to sell to people on your list than to continually have to find new buyers for your products or services. These people have opted in to your email list to receive valuable information you are sharing to help them grow their online businesses, and they are more likely to buy the products you are recommending.


2. When you direct a reader of your blog to a product to buy through an affiliate link, who owns that customer?  That’s right the other business does.  You get them once, but the product owner has them for life.  With list building, you are the primary owner of that email addresses you collect for life.  This allows you to recommend products over and over to your subscribers and each time a product is purchased you make a commission.


3. Email marketing remains the most effective form of communication on the internet, and it’s the best way to tell people about a new blog post you have written or a new product you are promoting.

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4. Using your email list is the best and quickest way to engage with your audience.  People may forget to go to your blog to see what your latest post is, so with email you are in their face every time they open their email program.  When they click the link you have a captive audience to share information with, and ultimately sell them a product or service.


5. Social media is a key part of any internet marketing business, and email marketing is the only web 2.0 component you own and have full control over.  With Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, you give up total control to the content you post there.












6. Email marketing is a relatively low cost form of marketing.  For new affiliate marketers with a small list, you can find high quality email service providers that are free for up to 5,000 or more subscribers.  Facebook charges you regardless of how many people see your offer.


7. If you provide your readers with valuable information through your weekly email blasts and they see you as a trusted source, the people on your list are more likely to become buyers.


8. So, you maybe thinking to yourself,  “I am a newbie marketer who will follow me?”  There are millions of newbie marketers looking for information on how to grow their affiliate marketing business.  Most newbies can relate to you and your struggle to start an online business more then they can the guy who is making a million dollars a year online.  They will be happy to take the journey with you and will root for your success.

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9. As you learn new things and share this knowledge with your email list, they will come to see you as an authority and a trusted source of information.


10. Most affiliate marketers who build an email list say their conversion rates from their list are 2-4 times higher than from organic or paid traffic coming to their blog.

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