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7 Ways to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

how to make money with affiliate marketing

There are many bloggers who are making good part-time and full-time income with affiliate marketing. With these seven tips, you can too!

You could learn to make hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars a month with a blog.  Use a good affiliate marketing training program. Follow all the steps and tips in the order they recommend, and you can make money with affiliate marketing.

The affiliate marketing training program should show you how to create a good blog.  This can set you on the right path to making good income every month.  Most good affiliate marketing training courses will tell you, focus on just one or two blogs.  Avoid developing several websites in your niche area, or in several niches.

You are bound to fail in affiliate marketing if you:

  • do not follow the steps of the program in order.
  • cut corners to finish the course sooner.
  • jump from one program to another without completing one.


The article offers 7 Ways to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing from blogs.



1. Build Trust with Your Audience

how to build trust with your readers


Once you start writing articles and product reviews on your blog, you need to build trust among your target audience if you hope to convert readers into buyers.  It is important that you create valuable content for your audience, or more importantly, write to address their problem or issue, whether this is in response to a question or your observation about this issue by your own personal experience or by educating yourself on the issue.

That's the reason they came to your blog in the first place.  If you write with the intent of making money rather than solving their problem, your readers will know it, because your content will be written for you and not for them, and they will click away never to return

People love to buy from bloggers (or marketers), whom they trust.  You build trust by understanding their issue, writing content your readers want or need, and are glad to share; and recommending a product or service that addresses that issue.

In order to build trust among your blog followers, your content is supposed to render them real value.  There is no hidden agenda to build trust; you cannot manipulate people to build trust with them. Trust is not begged, borrowed or stolen, it has to be earned, which comes through promoting your products honestly, ethically and with the right amount of transparency.


2. What is Your Affiliate Marketing Blog Niche

When you start your blog, you need to pick a niche.  A niche is a particular market or focus of you blog, such as dieting, weight loss, dating, etc.

You need to make sure your blog content is related to your niche.  If your niche is about weight loss, then yo would not want to have content about shoes or women's clothing.


3. Develop a Resource Page

how to develop a resource page

One of the best ways to build your reputation in your specific niche, and to boost your income is to create a blog resource page.  A blog resource page should include your best content on your blog's niche, and even great articles or tools from other blogs on the same topic.

If you create a good resource page over your blog, you could end up converting your readers into buyers and regular readers and commentators.

A Resource Page is basically an area on your blog, where you could put a couple of affiliate recommendations to different products or services, which could be a great help or guide for your readers. This area should include a blend of both free and paid products. Always prefer including the products or services, which you have already used in the past, and the ones having good track record.

Here is an example of a Resource Page.



4. How to Promote Affiliate Marketing Offers on Your Blog?


how to promote affiliate offers on your blog

There are many bloggers and affiliate marketers, who promoting all kind of unrelated products on their blog, simply to make commissions.  This is the worst way to get started in affiliate marketing, and a sure recipe for your failure.

One of the most important mantras to be a competent affiliate marketer is to only promote the best time tested products that are in your niche.

So, you should avoid any products which you have never used in the past, or can't find enough information to create a thorough product review, and ones that are not related to your niche and make no sense to your readers coming to your blog.

For instance, if your blog is about dog training or some other animal related topic, it wouldn't make any sense to promote the latest video game or electronic gadget on your animal blog.  This will only serve to confuse your readers and make them question if you are an authority on the topic of your blog, and make your readers feel your only goal is to sell them something.

The bottom line, to be successful in affiliate marketing  your content must be high quality, well researched and 100% related to your niche and relevant to the topic of your blog.  Anything less and your readers will click away and never to return as they will not view you as an expert in your niche, and rather see you as just trying to make a buck from them.



5. Are You Producing Quality Traffic


how to produce high quality content

In order to crack your first sales conversion, you simply need to have quality traffic coming to your blog.  If you want to make money with any affiliate marketing program, your blog must have a large number of consistent quality visitors ready to buy.

The best way to attract a large amount of high quality traffic is to publish quality posts on your blog.  You must consistently produce high quality content that is related to the topic of your blog.

Produce content in the form of articles and product reviews that are interesting to your readers.

Your content should provide solutions to your readers problems.  When you add quality affiliate links, you direct your blog readers to relevant high quality and time tested offers related to your article title.  When the person buys the product in your offer, you earn a commission from the sale.



6. Use Relevant Keywords in Your Article Title and in Your Articles


how to finds buyer keywords

It isn't enough to write good articles to make money with a blog, you have to get people to find your blog and the content first.  The best method to achieve this is through keyword analysis.

Buyer keywords are words or phrases people type into the search engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo).   This helps you search for content that helps solve their problem.  This includes,  "how to lose weight" or "learn how to play guitar.".

The search engines return articles and websites related to the keywords you enter.  It is important you use high ranking keywords in the title and body of your article.  This will help readers find your content and your blog.

The best keyword search tool is Google Keyword Planner, which shows the variations of your keyword that people are typing in, average monthly searches for that keyword and related keywords, competition, meaning how competitive your keyword is to other related keywords and bid price for pay per click(PPC) marketing.

If you want to make money with your blog, you will want to add a link in the primary keyword to your offer, called an anchor text link.  This is a keyword you want to rank for in the search engines. When people key in this keyword in the search engine, your article will come up at the top of the SERPs (search engine results page).




7. Utilize Some Underutilized Spaces

Some of the other ways of making money via affiliate marketing with your blog include networking.  You should focus on working with different blogs in your niche area.

In fact, this could also help you get quality traffic back to your blog.   This will help a great deal in converting readers into customers.  Also, you could think of guest blogging or submitting your different blog posts to reputed social blogging communities.  You should join a number of forums relevant to your niche area to gain authority and attract readers.


Final word


To make money with affiliate marketing programs, you don't need to be a seasoned blogger. With simple blogging skills and doing things the right way, you could certainly end up making a good amount of money for sure.

All you need to do is follow the above tips and tricks discussed in the article. Follow the instructions step-by-step in a good affiliate marketing training program.  In time you can end up making good money via affiliate marketing.


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