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Affiliate Summit East 2017 Review

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It’s time to get ready for Affiliate Summit East 2017, which is being held July 30 to August 1, 2017 in New York City at the Marriott Marquis Hotel.

This is the event every affiliate marketer, and those of you who are wanting to learn how to make money with a blog need to attend.

You can attend amazing, relevant educational sessions on every aspect of affiliate marketing for newbies, experienced affiliate marketers, affiliate managers and more.

Network and make connections with up to 5,000 other affiliate marketers in one location and attend great parties.

If you thought affiliate marketing was dead, or no one really makes money with a blog, you would be dead wrong.  Affiliate marketing is a $4 Billion industry, and mthink reported in 2016 the industry will grow to $6.8 Billion in the next 5 years, so now is a great time to jump in and learn how to make money online.

It is said you need to associate with those you want to be like, and if your goal is to be a successful affiliate marketer, then you need to be where and mingle with the successful affiliate marketers.




What is the Affiliate Summit?


Affiliate Summit is the premier 3-day Affiliate Marketing Conference held two times per year, in Las Vegas in January, and in New York around July or August, that every experienced and new affiliate marketer must attend if they want to learn affiliate marketing or learn the tips and tricks to grow your online business.

We wrapped up Affiliate Summit West 2017 at Paris Las Vegas in January, and had record breaking attendance of over 5,000 affiliate markers from around the world.  Affiliate Summit East is a bit smaller, which is better for affiliate marketers that don’t like large crowds, but still gets record attendance each year.

Affiliate Summit is the industry-leading affiliate marketing convention started by affiliate marketing industry veterans, Shawn Collins and Missy Ward.


Shawn Collins and Missy Ward


Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, co-founded Affiliate Summit in 2003. They combined their years of experience in affiliate marketing to provide other new and experienced affiliates with informative educational sessions on the latest industry trends, issues, and challenges.

Shawn and Missy wanted to create a unique environment for affiliates, managers and service providers  to meet, and to foster a productive networking environment for the thousands of affiliate marketers who attend each year.

In the early years, the Summit attracted a few hundred affiliates and handful of affiliate managers.  Since then, the Affiliate Summit has grown into the industry leading conference, that attracts newbies and million dollar earners.



affiliate summit east


Why Should You Attend Affiliate Summit East 2017


Anyone who wants to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing should attend Affiliate Summit.

You can certainly learn how to monetize a blog by reading blog posts or taking a course, but to really be successful you need attend an affiliate marketing conference, associate with other like-minded entrepreneurs, and mingle with successful online marketers to learn the hidden tips and tricks you won’t get from a blog post.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and want to learn how to make money with a blog, or you are an industry veteran and are already making money online, you can attend amazing educational sessions on all aspects of affiliate marketing, from how to set up a blog, create offers, improve conversion rates, and prevent legal issues.


 affiliate summit

Attend informative educational sessions.



In the educational sessions and face-to-face meetings with networks and other affiliates, you will learn everything needed to get started making money online, and veterans are sure to learn new tips, tricks and tools to continue to grow your sales, and increase commissions.

ASE in New York City sold out last year, so register early so you don’t miss out this year!


affiliate summit east


As you know, affiliate marketing can be a lonely business, just you and your laptop in your home office, the kitchen table or even your bedroom spending hours in solitude writing product reviews, articles, back linking or other task to help you make money online with affiliate marketing.

If you’re lucky you have supportive family or friends, but for many the negative comments can be dream killers.  You should attend Affiliate Summit East 2017, so you will be in a positive environment surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs sharing ideas and rooting each other on to success.

They say you need to associate with people who are already where you want to be.  Well, then Affiliate Summit is where you need to be.

At Affiliate Summit,  you will be able to attend educational sessions lead by dot com legends, like John Chow or Zack Johnson, who have successfully cracked the code and are earning over 1 million a year online; and you can rub elbows with them at parties to pick up free invaluable nuggets of advice to help you get to the next level of your affiliate marketing business.


  • learn how to make money online from the best affiliate marketers in the industry
  • attend information packed sessions
  • meet face-to-face affiliate managers and company reps
  • meet other affiliate marketers, to share ideas and root each other on to success
  • attend epic parties
  • see the Big Apple
  • come home recharged and ready to make money blogging, or grow your business sales


You can meet face-to-face with leading affiliate networks and affiliate managers.  This is something you miss with just communicating via email, you miss the human interaction.


Affiliate Summit

Meet face-to-face with affiliate networks and affiliate managers.


Attend Fabulous Parties


affiliate summit parties

Affiliate Ball at Affiliate Summit


You can attend fabulous parties at the hottest night clubs.  Network, decompress after a long day of learning, and make new friends.  No, that’s not me.  My wife would have some words for me about going to Las Vegas!


affiliate summit parties




How Much Does it Cost to Attend


The Early Bird Registration is open now until 5/12/17, after that the price for each pass goes up Big League, so get off your butt and grab a Networking Pass for less than $100.

For Affiliate Summit East 2017, the Networking Plus Pass is back!  For just $199, you get access to the Keynotes, Meet Market, Trade Show, Ask the Experts sessions, and 6 educational sessions of your choice over the three day conference.

You can get the VIP Pass For just $499 until 5/12/17.  You get access to all the educational sessions and keynotes over the three day conference, recordings of all the sessions, as well as, exclusive breakfast and lunch for VIP pass holders in the dining room.

You can take a free coffee, tea or soda break anytime during the conference with the VIP Pass.

This year a new pass category was added, the Affiliate Pass.  This is a complementary pass for those affiliates who are short on funds.  If the summit sells out, these complementary passes may become invalid.



Affiliate Summit East



Still Not Sure?


Check out this short video.


Affiliate Summit East

Affiliate Summit East Video



You’ll be kicking yourself if you miss the early bird window.  Get your pass Now!

Click here to register for Affiliate Summit East.



Ken is a husband, father and has been a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer since 2010.Our goal is to help you learn how to make money blogging.

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  1. I have been blogging for 2 years but haven’t tried affiliate marketing to earn. This is really helpful for beginners like me. Thanks for sharing!

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