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AffiloBlueprint Review

Today I am doing a review of AffiloBlueprint, an affiliate marketing training course by Mark Ling and Affilorama.  I recently completed the course, and this blog is being hosted on the AffiloBlueprint Premium WordPress theme, which you get free when you buy AffiloBlueprint.

This is a comprehensive 12 step affiliate marketing training program that takes the confusion out of learning how to master affiliate marketing, and teaches you everything you need to know to learn to make money online marketing other companies products.

You will also get a year of free web hosting for your affiliate marketing blog, or whatever type of blog you choose.

While AffiloBlueprint is geared towards people who want to learn about affiliate marketing, even experienced affiliate marketers can learn new tips and skills with this comprehensive training program from super affiliate Mark Ling.

I’ve been a full time affiliate marketer for over 5 years, and was focused on selling physical products. I learned some new skills in AffiloBlueprint to market digital products, and within 30 days I recouped my entire investment.



What is AffiloBlueprint?


how to make money online

AffiloBlueprint is an easy to learn and follow 12 step comprehensive affiliate marketing training course, developed by veteran affiliate marketer Mark Ling and Affilorama, who has been making money online since 1998 and is a 7 figure earner.

This affiliate marketing training program contains over 40 hours of easy to understand and follow video instruction teaches you how to finally make your first dollar online as an affiliate marketer.

The course includes easy to implement video lessons and an accompanying PDF version of each lesson, so you can learn online or off-line.  Each lesson builds on the previous lesson, so you are building knowledge as you learn affiliate marketing.

With the AffiloBlueprint affiliate marketing training program, you will learn all the necessary skills in an easy to understand and repeatable way, and with achievable goals, to start a thriving internet marketing business.

After each lesson you are given homework assignments, to ensure you understand what you have just learned.  You are given a road map to follow to quickly and easily implement and help you set up a successful affiliate marketing business.

With some time, you may just be able to replace paycheck of your Day JOB, with even more passive income in your internet marketing business.

If you follow the steps lesson-by-lessons, don’t skip a step, take action as required, stay focused and don’t get discouraged you will finally learn how to make money with a blog using affiliate marketing.

So many people get started online, but soon quit either because the training course is hard to follow, the goals and financial gains are unrealistic or un-achievable, or they fail to demonstrate that affiliate marketing is a real business that takes time, work and effort to master and is not a get rich quick scheme.


What Will You Learn with AffiloBlueprint:




  • You will learn the vital and generally optional tasks needed to start your affiliate marketing website.
  • Market research to find a niche for your blog.
  • How to find a name and URL for your blog.
  • How to set up a Web Hosting Account, whether you use the Affilorama web hosting service or use other web hosting service.
  • Learn proper keyword research techniques for your blog and content.
  • How to Learn about Clickbank digital product Network, CPC and CPA Networks.
  • What is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.
  • How to find products in your niche to market on your blog.
  • On page and Off page SEO (search engine optimization).
  • How to create content people want to read and can convert readers into buyers.
  • How to set up and design your WordPress (WP) blog.
  • You get a free copy of the AffiloBlueprint WP Theme for your blog with full instruction how to set and format your theme.
  • How to monetize your blog content to make money with your blog.
  • You will get access to a private AffiloBlueprint members-only forum to learn from others and exchange ideas, as a sort of mastermind group.


Click Here to Learn about


Who is Mark Ling?


Mark Ling has been making money online since 1998.

14 years later, Mark is earning a 7-figure income promoting other people’s online products, and he created AffiloBlueprint after learning the ropes in the early days of affiliate marketing, , mainly through trial and error, and he wants to help people learn how to make money blogging.

Mark has built several successful websites over the years in many niches, like dog training, online dating tips, how to learn a foreign language, how to play guitar… and many more.

These days it isn’t as easy as it once was to make a living as an affiliate marketer, with more people making money online, buyers being more sophisticated, and search engines actively working to weed out the scammers,  you have to be a bit more clever, but….

But if you’ve got the right system, like AffiloBlueprint, a bit of patience and persistence, there’s more money to be made than ever before!



Why Choose AffiloBlueprint?


Image result for affiloblueprint

Why should you choose AffiloBlueprint?  Simple….There are so many affiliate marketing training courses being promoted that claim to offer push button software that will make you a dot com millionaire overnight while you sleep.

This affiliate marketing training program, from super affiliate Mark Ling, teaches you that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme.  It takes time, effort and work to be successful in affiliate marketing.  You need to have a site that looks good, is easy to navigate.  For that reason, your purchase includes the AffiloBlueprint WordPress theme, which was created for affiliate marketing sites to help you engage your reader and help you make money faster.

To succeed in affiliate marketing, you must create content that people want to read.  There is a full lesson in AffiloBlueprint specifically on this topic. and finally you need to promote products your users want and need.

You will learn about the two most popular types of affiliate networks for physical products – CPM and CPA.

The reason so many people get discouraged and quit blogging is they are lead to believe all you need to do is throw up a site, put up some offers and sit back and watch millions of dollars flow into your bank account with little or no effort.

Unfortunately, affiliate marketing doesn’t work that way anymore.  Today, buyers are more sophisticated, search engines demand content adds value and affiliate marketers must learn to create content their readers want to read.

These are the three key things you will learn in AffiloBlueprint.

To sign up for AffiloBlueprint and get started on your journey to learn affiliate marketing,

Click Here Now.




“It is from using what I learned here that I’ve managed to earn a full-time income and live life on my own terms. I really owe every last ounce of my success to Affilorama. It’s no understatement to say that this has really changed my life for the better.”


I attribute most (if not all) of the credit for my website’s success to what I was able to learn in AffiloBlueprint. I feel Mark’s course gave me everything I needed to know about selling stuff and how to reach people online with it.

Alexander B.


Now, 10 months after purchasing AffiloBlueprint, I am proud to say I have 6 niche websites and I’m enjoying earning a regular income – whilst I sleep! There are many internet training courses out there who claim to be able to teach you how to make money. I don’t think I’ve met any that stand up to the RESULTS challenge. But I know Mark Ling’s Affiloblueprint does!

Jackson Lin


AffiloBlueprint is actually the real deal. It teaches you from A to Z everything you need to know to become an affiliate marketer and make a consistent money from the web. Having been in internet marketing for over a decade, it’s refreshing to find a program that could teach me things I didn’t know, and could actually make a huge difference to my results.

George Levy


Not only are Mark and his team proactive in keeping up to date and providing helpful material, but they respond to member’s needs and requests promptly. The course has given me a clarity I haven’t had before. I am seriously impressed with Mark and his team and the AffiloBlueprint course.

Lewis Fly




60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 60 days to try AffiloBlueprint, and if for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund.

Just click the email provided, and they will process your return, but I am sure once you try AffiloBlueprint, you will be glad you made the investment for your future.


How to Join AffiloBlueprint?


  • Joining AffiloBlueprint is so easy.  Just click the green ‘Add to Cart’ button at the bottom of the page, enter your email address and a few details and you are on your way.
  • Your login details will be emailed to you as soon as your credit card is processed.
  • You will also get access to the AffiloBlueprint WordPress Theme, just like this one that you can configure and customize.






You will get these  Free bonuses with your purchase of AffiloBlueprint:





You will also get access to AffiloBlueprint Member Only Webinars.




Ken is a husband, father and has been a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer since 2010.Our goal is to help you learn how to make money blogging.

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