Affluent affiliate marketing aggregation software for Publishers

Affluent - All your affiliate data in one placeIf you have ever wanted to aggregate data from all your various affiliate marketing businesses into one easy-to-use report, then you need to check out   Affluent affiliate marketing aggregation software for your affiliate marketing business?

As a affiliate marketer, are you frustrated having to use different affiliate marketing software tools for each affiliate network to track clicks, monitor commissions and other data from your various affiliate programs?

That where affiliate software, like Affluent affiliate marketing aggregation software for Publishers comes in.

Affluent affiliate software aggregates all of your performance marketing data from your various affiliate networks into one  simple easy-to-read dashboard.



Affluent - All your affiliate data in one place



What is Affluent Affiliate Marketing Software

Affluent is the first affiliate analytics platform for the performance marketing industry.   This affiliate analytics tool aggregates your affiliate marketing performance data from different affiliate networks into one easy-to-read platform.

This can be be confusing, especially since each network often reports key performance indicators (KPI's) differently.  This can take you away from creating content and growing your affiliate marketing business.

This provides users with robust and customizable affiliate analytics and intelligence data, from all of your affiliate programs in one place.  You no longer have to log into each network separately to track your affiliate metrics.  While the data for each network is reported similarly on the dashboard, you can create custom reports to augment your analytics.

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Now you can use this affiliate tool to monitor all your key performance indicators (KPI's) in one easy to read report.


How to Get Stated with Affluent Affiliate Software

This easy to use affiliate marketing software is easy to set up and use.  It takes just minutes to set up, and provides all your affiliate marketing performance data in one easy-to-use portal.

1. Click the image for the program you want to add.  This is a partial list of the many affiliate programs you can add to your dashboard.


affluent affiliate software


2. Follow the instructions to add the program to your dashboard.

3.  Once the program is added, you will immediately have access to the affiliate performance data from your program.

4. Once you log into your dashboard, all your affiliate analytics are right there in one easy to read report, and avoid the annoyance of having to remember various logins and password for each affiliate program.

5.  You can create custom reports.

6. With Affluent, you can quickly identify any issues if you notice a drop in clicks, conversions or other types of audience engagement.




Easy Integration of Your Affiliate API


Adding programs to the Affluent affiliate aggregator is quick and easy.  Some affiliate programs require the installation of an API to capture reporting data.



Affluent includes detailed instructions on how to add each affiliate marketing API for your programs to the affiliate marketing reporting tool.

The integration takes just minutes and doesn't require any programming skills.  You're simply pulling information and populating fields in Affluent for each affiliate network you want to track.


Affluent Data Analytics Software Benefits

With Affluent affiliate marketing software you can quickly track the performance of your various affiliate networks in one place.  You can avoid having to log into each of your networks separately to track performance data, such as clicks, sales, returns and other performance data.


Compare Affiliate Network Performance

You want to compare the affiliate reporting metrics of one of your networks to another, to see how they are doing.  You run a report, then print it out and do the same for each network, then compare the programs to look for opportunities to improve your overall performance.

This can be a very time-consuming process.  With affiliate dashboard automation, you can quickly view and compare each network performance.

If you are on an affiliate network like Clickbank, where you are oftentimes marketing several different types of products, tracking performance data for each product can be daunting.


Affluent InfoGraphic

Affluent affiliate marketing software allows you to break out each product for custom reporting.  Now you can easily track the performance of each Clickbank product separately.  Do you have products in different categories?  You can see how each category is performing separately and which categories are driving clicks and conversions.  This can help you determine where to put your time and money to improve your Return on Investment (ROI), whether it is investing money or time to create new content.


Most Affordable Affiliate Reporting Tool on the Market

Most affiliate reporting tools charge you a monthly or annual fee, regardless if you are making any money online.  Affluent makes their affiliate marketing data aggregation tool affordable.

If you make less than $5,000 per month, Affluent is Free!  Tracking your affiliate program performance data can't get any cheaper than this.


Which affluent plan is best for you

Pricing that scales with you

Pricing with no surprises!

Affluent affiliate analytics was designed to be accessible to affiliate and companies of all shapes and sizes.  Most new affiliates are making little if any money from their affiliate business.  They need to preserve capital, and Affluent gets it.  If you earn under $5,000 USD per month on average, Affluent is on us!

Affluent has affiliate performance tools for affiliates, agencies and advertisers.


How to Get Started.

You have 14 days to try Affluent affiliate marketing aggregation software for free!  Learn more here!


Affluent - All your affiliate data in one place

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