Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for New Affiliate Marketers

Best Affiliate ProgramsIf you want to become a doctor, lawyer, mechanic or a plumber you need training.  You can't just buy a stethoscope or a wrench and be successful at your craft.  It takes training and practice.

The same goes for best affiliate marketing programs for internet marketing.  If you're new to affiliate marketing, the key to becoming successful with online marketing is using an affiliate marketing program to learn and master the key skills needed for success.    You can't just buy a computer and a web hosting plan and expect to be successful at internet marketing.

The problem is that is what many people do, then they wonder why they aren't getting clicks and sales.  You need to learn content marketing, keyword research, and search engine optimization to be a successful internet marketer.

In this article, you will be introduced to the best affiliate marketing programs in the industry.  You will learn how to find the best affiliate marketing programs in the networks,  and the best programs that are in your specific niche to promote on your blog.



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Popular Affiliate Marketing Programs to Join

Share A Sale

Linkshare (Rakutan)

Commission Junction

Ebay Enterprise (Pepperjam)



Join the LinkConnector Affiliate Marketing Network




Find Affiliate Marketing Programs for Your Niche


affiliate marketing niche


An affiliate marketing niche is the area of focus of your blog, such as online dating, dog training or personal finance, for example.  You want to find a popular niche that has a lot of traffic, which is an indication you can make money from your blog.  Once you know the niche for your blog, you can search for affiliate networks and programs in your niche, to find products and services to market on your blog.

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There are several large and small small boutique affiliate networks, and niche-specific companies that offer products in a specific network.  This is a great way to find products to market to your audience.

This gives the opportunity to find products few people are marketing, giving you an advantage to make more money with these products, due to few other affiliates also promoting them.



Example of niche specific affiliate programs: - health - pets - barbecue - crafting  - financial


3 Steps to Find Affiliate Marketing Programs for Your Niche

  • Sign up with affiliate marketing networks, such as Shareasale, Commission Junction or Rakuten.  Search for programs in your niche and apply for the program.  Once you are approved, you can put banners and other creatives on your blog and blog posts.
  • Search the internet for a company in your niche, and visit their website.  Many companies have an affiliate program.  You can find a link for affiliates somewhere on the website.  Click the link and apply for the affiliate program.  Companies either use an affiliate network, like Shareasale, or they have an in-house affiliate program.
  • You can search the internet with terms, such as (product) affiliates, to find companies in your niche that have an affiliate program.



What if You Get Rejected?

Don't get discouraged if your application for an affiliate program gets rejected, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing.

Getting that first rejection letter can be very disheartening.  Don't get discouraged.  It happens to every affiliate marketer, so just keep moving forward.

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If there is a contact number, you can call it to see if they can tell you why you were rejected.  If you are polite and respectful, the affiliate manager may reconsider and approve your application, or then can at least tell you why you were rejected and what you should do to get reconsidered.

With many of the larger affiliate marketing networks, you can reapply right away or after a short time.  In some instances, the company has their own in-house affiliate program and also participates in large affiliate network.  If you are rejected for the in-house affiliate program, try applying for the same program through another affiliate network, and you may just get accepted.

If you have multiple websites or blogs in different niches, one of your blogs will be designated as primary, and the other blogs will go in a section called "Other blogs."

Depending on which niche your primary blog is in, you may get rejected if you apply to a program for one of your "other blogs", and the affiliate manager sees a blog in an unrelated niche.

To help avoid your application getting rejected, make sure to include the name and account number or Affiliate ID# (AID) of the blog you using in your affiliate application, so the affiliate manager can review that site for approval.  This is important if your primary blog is in a different niche such as dieting, and you are applying to a program for your pet lovers blog.

If the affiliate manager sees Dieting as your primary niche and doesn't see you have a dog lovers blog, you will most likely get rejected.

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