Best Affiliate Programs for New Affiliate Marketers

Best Affiliate ProgramsTrying to figure out which are the best affiliate programs and products to market can be a difficult task, and this can be particularly true for new affiliate marketers who are new to this dynamic industry.

In this article, I have compiled a list of the most popular affiliate marketing networks for you to choose from, and most have a large number of companies in almost every niche.

You will learn how to find affiliate marketing programs and networks that are in your specific niche.  This is the best way to find companies that may not have a large number of affiliates, so yo are not competing with hundreds or thousands of affiliates to find buyers and make sales.



Popular Affiliate Marketing Programs to Join

Share A Sale

Linkshare (Rakutan)

Commission Junction

Ebay Enterprise (Pepperjam)



Join the LinkConnector Affiliate Marketing Network




Find Affiliate Marketing Programs for Your Niche

Best Affiliate Programs


There are several small niche-specific or small boutique affiliate networks that focus on a specific niche.

This gives the opportunity to find products few people are marketing, giving you an advantage to make more money with these products, due to few other affiliates also promoting them.

To find these smaller affiliate networks, in the search bar of your internet browser, just type affiliate networks for + your niche.


Example of niche specific affiliate programs:


affiliate marketing for cars

affiliate marketing for crafters

affiliate marketing for pet products

affiliate marketing for diet

affiliate marketing for exercise

affiliate marketing for guns

affiliate marketing for horses



Steps to Find Affiliate Marketing Programs for Your Niche


  • While there may not always be an affiliate network dedicated to a specific niche, many companies either participate in an affiliate network, such as Share A Sale or Commission Junction, or have their own in-house affiliate program.
  • By typing “affiliate marketing for” + your niche, you will find a host of companies that have both in-house affiliate marketing programs, and even affiliate marketing programs on major affiliate networks, or smaller affiliate networks that may target a specific market niche.
  • You can go to the website of companies you frequent, or the websites of companies in a niche you are in or thinking about starting, and scroll to the bottom of the website.
  • You will find that many of these companies have an affiliate program.  Just look for the tabs like “Affiliate,” “Affiliate Program,” “Join our Affiliate Program.”
  • Simply click the link and follow the instructions to enroll in their affiliate program.  Some companies automatically approve anyone who enrolls in their affiliate program, and other manually approve affiliates for the program.  In this case, it can take anywhere from a few hours, to a few days or even a few weeks to hear back if you have been approved.



What if You Get Rejected?

Don’t get discouraged if your application gets rejected, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing.

Getting that first rejection letter can be very disheartening.  Don’t get discouraged.  It happens to every affiliate marketer, so just keep moving forward.

If there is a contact number, you can call it to see if they can tell you why you were rejected.  If you are polite and respectful, the affiliate manager may reconsider and approve your application, or then can at least tell you why you were rejected and what you should do to get reconsidered.

With many of the larger affiliate marketing networks, you can reapply right away or after a short time.  In some instances, the company has their own in-house affiliate program and also participates in large affiliate network.  If you are rejected for the in-house affiliate program, try applying for the same program through another affiliate network, and you may just get accepted.

If you have multiple websites or blogs in different niches, one of your blogs will be designated as primary, and the other blogs will go in a section called “Other blogs.”

Depending on which niche your primary blog is in, you may get rejected if you apply to a program for one of your “other blogs”.  In your application, make sure to include the name and account number or Affiliate ID# (AID) of the blog you are applying for, so the affiliate manager can review that site for approval.  This is important if your primary blog is in a niche such as dieting, and you are applying to a program for your pet lovers blog.

If the affiliate manager sees Dieting as your primary niche and doesn’t see you have a dog lovers blog, you will most likely get rejected.






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