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5 Best Methods to Increase Blog Traffic for New Bloggers

Best Methods to Increase Blog Traffic


I am a member of several blogging groups, and the one question that is asked most frequently by new bloggers is how to increase blog traffic?  Sadly for many, they’re still struggling just to get traffic to their blogs after months of trying with no success.

This is a great question, since without blog traffic you have no visitors to your blog.  Without visitors coming to your blog, you will not make any money blogging.

The strategy to increase blog traffic is a multi-pronged one.  There is no one strategy that is the holy grail that will magically boost your blog traffic from zero to thousands of monthly visitors overnight.  You have to employ several strategies simultaneously to increase blog traffic.

Don’t forget blogging for money is your business and you must treat it as a legitimate business, which means you must take it seriously.  Otherwise, you will be forever asking the same question.


Here are the 5 Best Methods to Increase Blog Traffic for New Bloggers


  • Create Content
  • Use a keyword tool
  • Build Links
  • Buy a Blogging Course
  • Know Your Audience


Create Content

create content to Increase Blog Traffic

The first strategy to increase blog traffic is to create quality content.  I see many comments from new bloggers saying I have one or maybe five blog posts, so how do I increase blog traffic.  You should write blog posts that solve readers problems.

You need a lot of good content to increase traffic.  One blog post or even five blog posts is not enough.  For the first 30 days you need to create at least one blog post a day every day.  By the end of your blog’s first month of existence, you should have at least 30 blog posts published.

Google used to say blog posts should be 300-500 words long.  This was called spammy thin content, and the new target blog post length to produce high quality content was 600 words.  Now the minimum is 800 words, with an average word count of 1500 to 2500 words per article.  The correct length depends on the vertical you are in.

The best way to determine the desired blog post length is to read other blogs in your niche, and see how long the posts are.  This is your competition.  Read their posts, and figure out how you can do it better.  More images? Better grammar? More lists? Shorter paragraphs that are easier to read?

You will want to have several blog posts published so Google knows your blog is there. Eventually the Googlegbots will be looking for fresh content from you to index in search engine results pages (SERPS).

Join Google Webmaster Tools, add your websites, add a sitemap and submit your site to be indexed.  This will get your blog indexed faster than just waiting for the Googlebots to find it.  That can take weeks or months.  Many people say don’t even launch your blog until you have 30 posts written.

You can launch a blog with 10 posts, and if the quality is good, and you are helping them solve their issue, they will be clamoring for new content to devour and share.

That’s why you don’t just create content for the sake of having many blog posts on your blog, with the hopes that will help drive traffic to your blog.  Quality over quantity is still king.

The days of throwing up anything on your blog pages and people will come is long gone.  Readers are more savvy today, and they demand quality from you, or they will leave in New York minute and never return.

The algorithms from the search engines have also gotten a lot better as well.  They will check and record your bounce rate, which is the average frequency at which readers come to your blog and click away.  The quicker readers click away tells the search engines your content is of poor quality; you are not providing your readers with a good user experience, and thus will give you a low quality score.  This will ultimately push your content down in the results, and people will never see your content.


Use a Keyword Tool

Use a keyword tool to Increase Blog Traffic

Another way to increase blog traffic is by using a keyword search tool when creating your content.  A long tail keyword tool helps you find the buying keywords that people are keying into the search engines when researching a topic, a product, or to find a solution to their problem.

There are two types of keyword tools:

  • one that returns related keywords to your search term
  • and long tail keywords, which finds 3 to 4 word keyword phrases that includes your target keyword.

You want to use the keyword in your article title, two to three times per paragraphs called an anchor text, meaning this keyword will direct the reader to the target website to get information or to buy a product and three to four times or more as natural links.  This is where long tail keywords are used.

Long tail keywords are particularly effective when the exact match keyword is too competitive to rank for.  In many cases it is easier to rank your content with a long tail keyword that is less competitive and easier to use to increase traffic to your content.


Build links to Increase Traffic to Your Blog 

build links to Increase Blog Traffic

Make sure to use natural links in your content to increase traffic. If the keyword you want to use to increase traffic to your blog, you want to use a variety of linking strategies.

Natural linking uses a variety of exact match keywords, and keyword phrases so your linking profile looks and reads naturally, and doesn’t sound spammy.

An example of a natural link would be, if for example you were marketing XYZ weight loss program.  This is your exact match anchor text that takes the reader to buy the product.  A natural link would be “eat six meals to lose weight.”  This will still direct you to XYZ Weight loss program, but you are now using a different type of link.

Google Penguin algorithm penalty is used to punish webmasters that overuse exact match keywords too much in order to rank higher in the search engines, so make sure to use several types of links so the article sounds natural and not spammy.

The key is to use a variety of link types that look natural, are not spammy and goal is to be informative and not to have the explicit goal to get you to part with your money.

You always have the tried and true “click here to get more information” link.


Buy a  Blogging Course

buy a blogging course to increase blog traffic

If you’re new to blogging or I recommend buying a blogging course.  You will get all the information you need in one place to get started blogging.

A good blogging course will help you learn the ropes so you can start blogging.

A good program to teach you how to blog will start from the beginning including:

  • coming up with a good blog name called a URL.
  • Then it should show you how to purchase a domain name.
  • Next the course should show you how to come up with article topics and find products to promote and make money.
  • The course should show you ways to come up with blog post titles, based on the keywords that people are searching for.
  • The course should include methods to drive traffic to your blog.

My favorite blogging course is AffiloBlueprint from Affilorama.  This is an online 12 video video blogging course.  You can watch the videos, and replicate what you’re being taught as the video plays and the narrator speaks.

You are learning to blog in real time.  If you have questions, you email them, and by the next day you have your response.


Know your Audience

know your blog audience

Another important tip to increase blog traffic is to know your audience.  If you know your audience, you will more be able to more easily create content that they are looking for.

Visit and join groups that discuss your audience’s topic.  This will help you come up with relevant blog post topics.  You can also converse with blog members, and eventually direct them to your blog.

As you read posts from the group members, you will learn the topics, issues, problems and keywords that they are typing in to the search bar.   This will make it easier for your content to come up in the SERPS.

As other group members discuss potential solutions, you can use this to create blog posts that talk about the problem, and you can offer solutions.

This is an easy way to increase blog traffic, and you may become an authority on the subject as well.  This is a sure way to increase your ranking in the SERPS, as you are viewed as an authority on that topic.

Make sure you don’t violate the online group protocols, so you don’t get banned.



Ken is a husband, father and has been a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer since 2010.Our goal is to help you learn how to make money blogging.

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  1. If you are searching for some strategies to increase blog traffic, then there is no such a strategy. I am into B2B business and employed several strategies simultaneously to increase blog traffic. In this article , 5 relevant steps are discussed to increase blog traffic such as creating content , using a keyword tool and a lot more. It was amazing to know about the point of understanding the audience as it is an easy way to increase blog traffic. Yours was a great article. Thanks a ton.

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