As part of affiliate marketing, you need to learn and understand Content marketing. You may have heard the term, but do you know what it is?   Content marketing is a critical aspect of affiliate marketing.

This is a form of online marketing that focuses on creating blog content, such as product reviews and articles.

The best way is to find a problem that needs to be solved, and write about how to product or service you are marketing can solve the problem.

The goal of content marketing is to attract and retain a defined audience, to allow you to make a consistent income online.


Content marketing includes:

  • creating product reviews
  • writing article
  • paid content (sponsored posts)
  • guest blogging
  • Email marketing

The goal is to attract an engaged audience that will actively read the content, share the content on social media and increase sales of products and services being promoted.

Have a Strategy

You must have a strategy to be successful with content marketing.  Your strategy should include product reviews, and articles that demonstrate how the product works, and the problems it solves.  Your strategy includes everything from what to write about, how to create valuable content your readers want and need, and how often to post content on your blog.

With the new Google Bert update, this is changing the content marketing strategy bloggers should use.

Rather than focusing on keywords, your articles must use long tail keyword phrases.  The algorithm update is looking for natural conversational content.  You should be writing for humans and not for search engines.

Your Strategy must include:

  • Creative article title
  • Well written grammatically correct content
  • Article must be keyword researched, so content can be found in the search engines.
  • Develop a regular content posting schedule, so people will be encouraged to come back to your blog on a weekly basis.
  • Include images with alt-tags
  • Clear Call to Action (CTA) you want the reader to perform, such as to purchase a product, share the content or leave a comment, for example.

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  • Daily Cash Siphon

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  • Affilorama 

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Affilorama is the best source of free affiliate marketing training.  They offer articles on every aspect of content marketing and affiliate marketing.  They also offer paid training and software.

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