DMCA Takedown Review: How to Protect Website Content from Hackers

how to protect website content


One of the most important jobs you have as a website owner is to protect your content from hackers.   DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) can quickly take down your hacked content, images, and logos, that are being used illegally without your permission.

One of the most frustrating things graphic designers, photographers, website owners and content creators deal with is content theft protection.

Content theft is the result of having their content hacked stolen or scraped from their web properties or used without your permission.

You work hard to create your content, and it's frustrating if you have you ever been searching the internet only to find your content posted illegally on another website, and especially if they are profiting or stealing your commissions.

There have been multiple instances where I found my product reviews scraped word-for-word from my blog and published on another website.  In one instance the content was removed, but in other instances the website owner ignored my requests to remove my stolen content.  Not only is this frustrating and illegal, it can damage your sites SEO score for duplicate information.


What is DMCA Protection is the one stop shop for all your DMCA & internet copyright needs.  Many blog owners and content creators have unfortunately had their content stolen or scraped from their pages, or entire website.

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For many website owners they feel they have no method to get their stolen content back or removed from the offending site, except to make a request to the search engines.

DMCA uses it's extensive direct connections with web host companies, ISPs, and other sources to get your content taken down after the theft of your content is identified.  While the best and cheapest solution is to have the infringing website voluntarily take down your content from their website, sometimes this is not possible.

The infringing website oftentimes does not have contact information, ignores your repeated attempts to remove your information, or is located outside of your country making a satisfactory resolution impossible.


how to protect your website from content tyheft


Why Use DMCA to Stop Online Content Theft

Stop website theft

If you are a victim of content theft, you need a professional who can remove your content from a site that is violating your copyright protection.

DMCA can speed up the content takedown process.  This can bypass regular communication channels most website owners use, which can take weeks or months to locate and contact the website owner.

Next, you have to ask, beg or plead with the content thief to have your stolen content removed.  This can take weeks, months or years, but there is no guarantee to be successful.                                                                 Image source

If they stole or hacked your content, I don't think they care you are begging to get them to stop.

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DMCA has been in existence since 2010.  They use their direct connections with the hosting, and ISP's can shorten the content takedown times from weeks, months or years, to  just a few hours or days.

Simply submit a request with some pertinent information, and the DMCA staff goes to work immediately to get you content taken down.



What if Your Content is Found Foreign Websites

looking for content theft

Whether your content is found illegally on a US-based website or a foreign website, DMCA states they are able to remove your illegally scraped or stolen content from anywhere in the world, not just the US.

If your content is found on foreign websites without your permission, they are not immune or protected from their illegal activities.

In most cases, DMCA can successfully have your content removed quickly.


 What are DMCA Features?

If you find your web content, images, links or other information being used illegally on another website anywhere in the world, you can submit a takedown request online.  Once you submit information on the website hosting the scraped or illegally sourced information, location of the stolen information and any other information demonstrating you hold ownership of that information, DMCA will go to work to take down your information.

They state the information will be taken down with a few days to a week.

To get started add information, create an account and submit payment for the level of service you need:

  • Full take down of information
  • Information, tools and instructions to perform your own takedown.
  • Website monitoring
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How to make a DMCA request


What is Protected by DMCA?  What is the Cost?

  • DMCA offers several plans for website owners, from Takedown Notices and DIY Takedowns to a full service Content Takedowns.
  • DMCA can monitor your sites and images for illegal use for just $10/month.
  • Get Your site DMCA compliant. $10/month
  • Full Service Takedown $199 per Takedown


What are the DMCA Protection Plans


DMCA protection plans

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