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Easy Pro Funnels Review

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As an affiliate marketer you've probably heard the money is in the list.  If you're new to affiliate marketing how do you grow your email list?  The easiest way to grow your list is with an affiliate marketing sales funnel. 

Easy Pro Funnels is a complete sales funnel system. Create lead magnets with free products included in program. Also includes products for upsells.

I've been in affiliate marketing since 2010.  Having a sales funnel to collect emails to grow my email list is critical.  The problem for new affiliate marketers is they generally don't have a good free product or report to give away in exchange for an email address.

Easy Pro Funnels solves this problem for newbie and experienced affiliate marketers with an affordable sales funnel software.  This is an amazingly easy to use and affordable sales funnel software that can create a functioning sales funnel in minutes.   It comes pre-loaded with several free and paid digital products you can use in your sales funnel to collect emails or make money selling digital products.

You can also load your own free or premium paid products from Clickbank and JVZOO to use in the sales funnel.



Easy Pro Funnels is simple to use and

includes embedded video guides in each

section for instant reference.



Easy Pro Funnels Features 


  • Easy Funnels Pro iѕ fully integrated, fully cuѕtomizable and highly automated.
  • Comes with hundredѕ of free productѕ: you get 100's of free products to use as a lead magnet or exit pop to grow your email list.
  • Integrated with Clickbank and JVZOO - You can find many digital products to sell, and use the products that come with the program as a free bonus or upsell.
  • Link Cloaker can be uѕed directly or can be used can be used to generate cuѕtom Product Review Pageѕ and Webinar Replay ѕtyle pageѕ with video timed pop-upѕ, offerѕ and bonuses.
  • Create videos and Webinars from Youtube - You can time the video to leave of sales link information to include your own affiliate link to sell the product and generate commissions.



What is a Sales Funnel anyway?


sales funnel software


You've probably heard of a sales funnel, but may not understand or how to use it for affiliate marketing.

A sales funnel is a tool to capture email addresses when visitors come to your blog. . You generally do this by giving away a free product or report in exchange for an email address.  YoTu can then send your readers information on products you're promoting or announce new content on your site.



Best Value Hands Down


I've compared Easy Pro Funnels with other leading sales funnel software, and this is hands down the best value.  The leading sales funnel software promoted by affiliate marketers doesn't contain any products for you to offer as a lead magnet or sell, and costs $97 per month or $1164 per year.

You get this sales funnel software with several free and paid products ready to promote to grow your affiliate marketing business for just one payment of $97!  How crazy is that.  You have no excuse to check it out, and you have a 30 day money back guarantee.


How to Use Easy Pro Funnels  for an Upsell


Easy Pro Funnels works in 6 easy steps


1: Select product

2: Create a bonus

3: Create a lead magnet

4: Add paid product

5: Integrate with your Autoresponder

6: Launch your sales funnel



Are You Ready to Quit Affiliate Marketing Because You Have One of These Issues?


Lean how this software that costs less than $50, can solve these problems for good.  Find out more Here.



Don't Have a Product to Offer, no problem


You say you can't use a sales funnel because you don't have a product to give away?  Easy Pro Funnels solves that problem.

The program comes with several free products you can give away in exchange for an email address.  You can quickly link to Clickbank, JVZOO through the program, to find other digital product marketplaces to locate products you can sell through a sales funnel.

How Does Easy Pro Funnels Work?


This short video, about 8 mins long explains in great detail how simple and easy Easy Pro Funnel is to use, whether you're a beginner or experienced affiliate marketer.





Benefit of Easy Pro Funnel


Here are just a few of the many benefits of using Easy Pro Funnel sales funnel software.  You don't need to have any technical skills to create a sales funnel.  This is true plug n play software.

  • Build full functioning sales funnels in minutes.
  • Includes 100's free and paid products to build your lead magnet
  • Create Lead Magnets
  • Exit Pops to get email addresses as your visitors leave your pages
  • Create Product Review Bonuses
  • Quickly add your bonuses and freebies to JV Promotions, to increase commissions.
  • You can link to Clickbank, JVZOO and other digital product marketplaces to find high quality downloadable products to sell.


Easy Pro Funnels


30 Day Money Back Guarantee


When you purchase Easy Pro Funnels, you get a 30 day money back guarantee.  You can try Easy Pro Funnels, and if you don't like it for any reason, just follow the instructions on your receipt to request a full 100% refund No questions asked.




 You Can Access Easy Pro Funnels Today

Buy Easy Pro Funnels





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