How Long Until My Blog Makes Money?

How Long Until My Blog Makes Money

How Long Until My Blog Makes Money?

This is the $64,000 question.  Every blog owner wants to know how to make money blogging.

Regardless of what people say, making money with a blog takes time.  Many new bloggers have an assumption that making money online is easy, and the money will start rolling in as soon as their blog is up.

The reality is, it can anywhere from 3 months to a year to make money blogging.  If you are not using the right blog monetizing method,  this will increase the time until your blog finally makes money. . It's possible if you don't monetize your blog you won't make any money.

Blogs don't make money overnight, and blogging is not a get rich quick scheme.  You need to treat this as a real business and take it seriously.

It will take time, but if you stick with it, you will eventually make money online with a blog.


Best Ways to Make Money Blogging

Let's be clear, with over 1 billion blogs in existence, making money online today is not easy.  The good news is that it's not impossible to make money with a blog.  Let's get started.


Choose the Right Niche

affiliate marketing niche

When you are thinking about starting a blog, the first step is to choose the right niche for your blog.  This may seem like the most difficult part of starting a blog.  The fact is you are probably right.

Choosing the right niche is one of the best ways make money blogging.

You want to select a niche that has a lot of traffic.  The more traffic means the potential to attract more readers to your blog, and ultimately more buyers.

To find a popular niche, just Google popular blog niches.  You will get many blog posts listing the most popular niches.

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The niche you ultimately choose should be based on a subject you like and are knowledgeable about.  Choosing a blog niche you are not interested in or have no experience in, but think it will make you a lot of money, is the surest way your blog will tank.

You will eventually get bored or lose interest in creating content for a blog you are not passionate about.  Readers are becoming more savvy and also will sense this in the poor quality and quantity of your content.  They will surely leave as soon as they arrive on your homepage.


Create High Quality Content to Make Money Blogging

how to write high quality content

The key to making money blogging with a blog is by creating high quality content, and by marketing products and services people want and need.

If you are new to blogging, take a blogging course.  This will help you learn to create high quality content the right way, ans improve your likelihood you will make money with your blog.

Readers will land on your blog because they are looking for content to solve a problem or answer a question.  You need to focus on creating high quality content that solves their problem in an engaging or creative way.

If you are promoting a product or service, it is best if you have used that product or service.  This will allow you to give a real unbiased review, can discuss how it works, offer the benefits and address the drawbacks.


Don't Forget Images

Use several images.  Images are a great way to engage with your readers in a non-verbal way.  Google loves images with alt tags and descriptions.  This will help get your content indexed and ranked in the search engines.

You need to have a clear call to action (CTA), that encourages people to click your affiliate links.  Using images is an important tool to make money blogging.

CTAs can be a Buy Button, clearly marked links with a product keyword, or a phrase such as, "Click Here to Learn More."  You need to instruct the readers what action you want them to take.

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If you have not used the product, learn as much about it so you can explain how it works and compare it to the competition.

Write as much as you need to be thorough in discussing your subject.  Long form content converts buyers better than short form content.  Studies show articles around 800 to 1000 words are the most popular.  Product reviews between 1000 and 2000 words convert readers to buyers about 30% better than 500 word articles.


Learn SEO Techniques to Make Money Online

what is search engine optimization

Every blogger needs to learn basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies if you are serious about making money blogging.

Per Moz, Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website, through organic search engine results, (SERPS).  This means utilizing techniques to get more visitors to your blog.

You need to grow your traffic if you want to make money online.  If people can't find your  blog or your content, you won't make money, no matter how good it is.

SEO Techniques include:


    • Content quality
    • Linking to other websites
    • Internal linking of your content
    • Site speed
    • User Experience
    • Meta descriptions and title tags
    • Schema markup
    • Permalinks
    • Linking and sharing your content on social sites




Stay Focused on the Goal

stay focused as a blogger

Most successful bloggers will tell you it takes anywhere from one month to three months, or even longer, to make money blogging

In the first 30 to 90 days, you need to create tons of content.  You want the Googlebots can find your content, index it and rank it in the search engine.

This can mean spending hours day after day alone churning out content, hoping to get clicks, links, views, likes or purchases of the products you're marketing.

This is the time when many new bloggers need to learn to stay focused.  It can be easy to get frustrated and want to quit.  This is especially true you aren't seeing any results for your efforts, and family members are questioning why you're wasting your time.

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You need to learn strategies to stay focused, ignore the naysayers and keep your eye on the prize.  Quitting is easy, which is why so many new bloggers quit too soon.

This is a great time to join blogging groups on Facebook.  You can discuss your issues and frustrations with other bloggers, and get responses in minutes.  Many experienced bloggers are in these groups.  They are more than willing to give you tips and tricks to help you stay focused, and give you the moral support you need.

Don't forget, they've been where you are.  Learn from them.


Popular Keywords Can Help Make Money Blogging

how to use keywords in your content

To help you start to make money online faster, you need to ensure you are using the right keywords and keyword phrases in the title of your articles and throughout your content.

You should be using a keyword search tool, to find the competitive keyword phrases people are actually keying into the search engines.  Google, Bing and Yahoo capture and report this data on a monthly basis.

This will help your content get found when people are searching for a solution to their issue.  Your goal is to use SEO to make sure your content comes up at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPS).

Getting to the top of the results pages will improve your click throughs 5 times greater than results on the bottom of the page or on page 2.



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