Email marketing: 10 Reasons Online Marketers need an Email List

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You'll hear most bloggers who are making a full time income online say the money is in the email list.  What does this mean to you as a new affiliate marketer?  As an affiliate marketer, it is far more easy to sell to an existing customer base than to continually have to find new customers interested in your products and services.  If you're new to affiliate marketing you're probably confused by the process of How to build an email list.

Building an email list is not a difficult process, but growing an effective email list can take time.  You need to give something of value away to get your reader to give up their email address to you.  You may be thinking "I am a new affiliate marketer, what can I give of value."  There are many online sources of low cost and even free resources you can give away to grow your email list.

You can search on the internet for ebooks with giveaway rights.  This means you can give the document away for free.

Affilojetpack from Affilorama, is a premium product that not only shows you how to build an email list, they give you the tools you need.


Here is a list of 10 reasons affiliate marketers need to build an email list.

This list is comprised from my own experience from 10 years in affiliate marketing, as well as, advice I have gained from some of the top affiliate marketers in the industry on why you should have an email list.

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1.Have a Product to Grow Your Email List

It is far easier to sell to people on your list than to continually have to find new buyers for your products or services. People will not always join an email list if they don't perceive an inherent value to giving up their email address.  When you offer a high quality free gift or a report related to the buyer's issue, they are more likely to sign up to your email list.  If you don't have a free product to give away, no problem.

Affilojetpack from Affilorama, is a premium product that not only shows you how to build an email list, they give you the tools you need.  This includes email swipes and an ebook to use to collect email addresses.


Why Own the product

2. When you direct a reader of your blog to buy a product to buy through an affiliate link, who owns that customer?  That's right the other business does.  You get them once, but the product owner has them for life.  With list building, you own the email addresses you collect for life.

If you aren't able to create a product or a report to give away, find a product with giveaway rights.  That means you own the product, and oftentimes you can put your name  as the author.  Now you have your own product that you can give away to entice people to give up their email address to you.


3. Email Marketing is not dead

You may here people say that email marketing is dead. On the contrary, Email marketing remains the most effective form of communication on the internet.  It's still the best way to tell people about a new blog post you have written or a new product you are promoting.

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4. Using your email list is the best and quickest way to engage with your audience.  People may forget to go to your blog to see what your latest post is, so with email you are in their face every time they open their email program.  When they click the link you have a captive audience to share information with, and ultimately sell them a product or service.


5. Don't ignore social media to grow your email list

Social media is a key part of any internet marketing business, and email marketing is the only web 2.0 component you own and have full control over.  With Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, you give up total control to the content you post there.

With email marketing, you own the content, and have potential to own the product as well.


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6. Email marketing is low cost

Email marketing is a relatively low cost form of marketing.  For new affiliate marketers with a small list,  you can find high quality email service providers that are free for up to 5,000 or more email addresses on your list.  Facebook charges you regardless of how many people see your offer.


Reach out to your email list regularly

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7. If you provide your readers with valuable information through your weekly email blasts and they see you as a trusted source, the people on your list are more likely to become buyers.

If you send emails on a regular basis, readers will begin to expect to receive an email from you.  If you send what your readers are looking for, they may actually look forward to receiving your emails and may even share them with their family and friends.

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8.  Attract Repeat buyers

Email marketing is a great way to monetize your blog to find new buyers, and have them keep coming back.  Even if you are marketing other people's products, you can you use email to make sales.  Do you review books?  If you loved the book talk about it.  Your readers may decide they need the book after reading your glowing review.

Did you buy a product that helped you with your marketing business.  With so many fake product reviews, if you actually used the product you can legitimately explain the benefits in one or a series of emails.  This is a great way to use email to turn readers into buyers.

9. Share your knowledge with your readers

As you learn new things and share this knowledge with your email list, they will come to see you as an authority and a trusted source of information.


10. Most affiliate marketers who build an email list say their conversion rates from their list are 2-4 times higher than from organic or paid traffic coming to their blog.

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