How to Get Your Content to Rank by Answering Questions People are Asking?

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Every blogger wants their content to rank at the top of the search engines for the article topic or keyword they want to rank for.  One of the best ways to create content that people are searching for and to help it rank higher in the search engines is to create articles that answer people’s questions or solves their problems.

These types of keywords are actively searched for and tend to have low competition, so it becomes a bit easier to rank for them, especially if you use them in a keyword phrase, such as a question that is often asked online, by people seeking answers or solutions to an issue.

You can’t create a 500 word post, though, if you want it to rank in the search engines.

Y need to create an 800 to 3,000 word article that articulates what the issue is, examples of the issue, reasons for the issue and a list of potential solutions and ending with the best possible solution for the problem.




Article Formats that Answer Questions People are Asking:


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Here are some article types you can use that answer people’s questions:


  • Love and Romance articles.
  • Recipes.
  • How to articles.
  • Tips, such as parenting tips.
  • Repair or DIY articles or videos.
  • Suggestion or faqs, such as job search articles
  • Jobs and Careers
  • Pet Care How To’s



Examples of Content that Answers Questions


These types of articles answer people’s questions on a wide range of topics.

List articles are always popular and are easy to create.


How to’s are great, but may take a while to create, need to be descriptive and should include photos or diagrams.



  • Love and Romance articles.

How to ask a boy/girl out on a date.

Can you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and still be friends.


  • Recipes


This one is self explanatory


  • How to articles.

How to dye hair with cool aid?


  • Tips, such as parenting tips.

Five ways to get kids to eat their vegetables

How to get kids to stop hitting

Best tips to promote good oral hygiene for kids


  • Repair or DIY articles or videos.

How to change oil in your car?

How to change a flat tire?


  • Suggestion or faqs, such as job search articles

Best places to look for your first job

How to find a job, after a layoff


  • Pet Care How To’s

How to give your cat a bath

How to get your dog to stop eating your shoes

What to do when your dog keeps tearing up your furniture.


  • Vacation articles

5 Best vacation rental companies in Hawaii

How to save money on airfare



Why Use a Keyword Search Tool to Create Content that Answers Questions.



You can create content that answers questions, but if you are creating content that you think people want to read, you may be missing a large part of the market.

You should consider using a keyword search tool to help you develop high quality content that answers people’s questions, by scouring the internet to find real internet quires from real people, so you know exactly the questions people are asking and are looking to find answers for.

An effective long tail keyword search tool finds long tail keywords takes a relevant keyword based on actual search queries from users that you want to rank for in the search engines, and then it returns content suggestions or article titles that you can use to create content that answers your readers questions.

Content with competitive keywords can be hard to rank for in the search engines, especially if your blog does not have a high page rank.  Using long tail keywords is a great way to rank for competitive keywords by creating keyword phrases, which are 3-4 word phrases that includes your competitive keyword in a

With a long tail keyword search tool, you will discover topic ideas you probably never thought of, and you may find keyword phrases that people have actually searched for, so you know this is content people want and are searching for.



Use Keyword Phrases not Keywords to rank in the search engines


When creating content that answers questions, the best technique for SEO purposes is to use a 3-4 word keyword phrase.  By using a keyword phrase, you are creating actionable content since the keyword phrase helps the reader to do something with the content, not just read it.

Search engines love this type of content, because it helps the user achieve a goal, whether it is to ask a boy or girl out on a date, how to bathe your cat, make perfect baked chicken or change a flat tire.





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