How to Make Money as a Shopify Store Affiliate?


The Shopify affiliate program may be for you If you have a marketing blog that helps people learn how to make money online.

As a shopify store affiliate, You can make from $25 to $2,000 per sale, depending on the products and services you market and sell.

Shopify, is a Canadian-based eCommerce software company started in 2006 that allows individuals and small companies to make money online by establishing their brand with an online store, a custom domain name, and a unique theme for their store.

Your role as a Shopify store affiliate is to explain the benefits to prospective store owners. If you don’t have your own products to sell online in your Shopify store, you can use their drop ship services. This unique arrangement allows you to make money online by sell physical products from the marketplace without having to purchase and take ownership or inventory the product, and you don’t have ship the products.  The seller takes care of inventory and shipping the products for you.

As a Shopify store affiliate, your job is help people interested in having an online store by explaining that they can either market and promote their own products, or select and sell products from the marketplace, and purchasing one of three monthly pricing plans, a custom domain name and a theme for their online store.



What is Shopify?


shopify affiliate


With a Shopify store, you can make money online by selling your own products, or you can sell the many products from other companies that allow you to sell their products on your store.

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You can select products to sell online in your store.  The price you see is the price to you from the manufacturer.  The price you display on your store is the price you are selling the product for, which is your cost plus a profit markup.

Shopify store owners don’t have to worry about buying, storing or shipping inventory.  The merchants do that for you, so you can focus on growing and marketing your store.



How the Shopify Affiliate Program Works?


Once you have created an affiliates account, you will be given a unique link which can be promoted across social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn among others.

The link can also be promoted across blogs and other online platforms. When a new client signs up to the platform using your special link, you earn commissions. As previously noted, Shopify has one of the highest affiliate commissions available today.

In pre-sale commissions, you can earn up to 200% of the fee paid by the customer, every time you refer clients to Shopify. The payment method used in Shopify is PayPal. On the other hand, the minimum payout is $25.

The thing is, first concentrate on establishing strong relationships with influencers, ambassadors and bloggers, and the money will eventually come.


Ways to Sell on Shopify:




There are many ways to sell and promote products onlins in a Shopify store.  As a Shopify store affiliate, your job is to help those interested learning how to make money online by explaining the various ways to make money online with a Shopify store.

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Using blog posts and email marketing, you can show how to make money online with Shopify using:


  • Online store
  • Shopify POS
  • Buy Button on your blog
  • Pinterest Pins that link to your store
  • Facebook shop – Integrate your store with Facebook pages
  • Amazon – sync your products in Shopify to Amazon listings.



Ways you Can Earn Money with the Shopify Affiliates Program.


  • Referrals: You can earn up to 20 percent monthly revenue, for each customer that you refer.
  • Template or theme sales: You can earn to earn up to 70% revenue from every template that you sell in the theme store.
  • Mobile App sales: You can earn up to 80% commission for every app you sell from the app store.


Shopify Store Cost


When marketing drop shipping to people interested in starting an online store, you want to stress the low cost monthly investment to start a Shopify store.

Even if you don’t have your own Shopify online drop ship store, the more you know and can educate prospective customers, the more likely they are to purchase a plan through you, and the higher your commissions can be.


shopify online store

Resources available to Affiliates:


Shopify drop shipping program offers several resources for affiliates to help them promote the program,  and how to sell ancillary products, such as store themes and templates, and popular mobile apps.

  • Marketing Tools: banners, hand-outs, and templates.
  • Monthly Affiliate Newsletter: This is an effective mechanism the affiliate managers use to highlight upcoming events, offers and promotions.
  • Affiliate Dashboard: This enables affiliates to keep track of earnings, the number of clicks generated, as well as, the next payout of commission checks.


Examples of Shopify Stores:


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shopify store


shopify store


Wonder How Drop Shipping Works


If you have been wondering how drop shipping works, or how you can market this program, no need to fret.  You will have a complete program with Oberlo.  You’ll learn topics such as:


  • How to set up a shopify store
  • Set up a website
  • Choosing a theme
  • Select products to sell,
  • Ways to market your store online
  • How to price your products for maximum profit
  • and More!

14-Day Trial Program


One of the best ways to learn how to promote the Shopify Online Store Drop ship program is to signs up for the 14-day trial, so you can learn how the Shopify program works, so you can promote it effectively.

It can be difficult to sell a product you don’t understand or have never used yourself.

New affiliates can sign up for the free 14-Day Trial Program.  This gives you two weeks to:

  • try Shopify
  • see how to set up an ecommerce store
  • how to select products from the marketplace
  • and learn how the drop ship program works

As an affiliate, you immediately get paid once the customer upgrades to a paid program  when the trial period ends.


How to Get Started


Click the link below on How to Get Started with a Shopify Online Store


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