How to Pick a Hot Blog Niche that is Profitable?

affiliate marketing nicheA question many new bloggers have is, what should I blog about?  Before you create your first blog post you need to  pick a blog niche. 

A blog niche is a fancy word for what your blog is about, such as dieting or home improvement. Your blog content should focus on one topic or area, which is called a niche.  Do you plan to blog for fun, or are you planning to blog for money?  This may help you decide the best blog niche you will blog about.

Choosing a blog niche is important, because if you get it wrong it may impact your traffic and ability to make money with a blog.  You want to find a popular blog niche that you have experience in or are passionate about.  Your chosen blog niche should have enough traffic that people are actively looking for content in your blog niche, and you can monetize your blog.

If you don't know what you want your blog niche to be about, you run the risk of having an unfocused bunch of blog posts on unrelated topics.  People won't stay on your blog if they see a mishmash of articles about every topic under the sun. Also, the search engines won't know how to index and rank your content, if your content isn't related to a particular blog niche.  This will leave you in the ether of the blogosphere ether with no traffic and no sales.

In addition, if your blog niche is unfocused, you're more likely to lose interest and quit blogging altogether.  This can leave you frustrated and dejected as your hard work fails to achieve your blogging goals.


What is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche (pronounced (Neesh) is just a fancy word for "concentrating or focusing your blog on a specific and well defined market segment, such as affiliate marketing, weight loss, crafting, or home improvement.

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It is critical that your blog content is consistent with your blog niche.  You may have trouble getting readers to your blog and making money with a blog if your content doesn't match your niche.  If your blog is about dieting  for example, but you are writing about popular Iphone apps, for example.  People coming to your blog are more likely to click away.  If your blog content does not match your blog niche, it may be harder for the search engines to find and index your content.  Ultimately, people searching for content won't see your blog posts if the search engines are unable to rank your content for your keywords, if the keywords are inconsistent with your blog niche.

You should find a popular blog niche you can create content for that a lot of people are searching for on the internet, and be able to monetize your content to make money blogging.


How to Find Popular Blog Niche Ideas?

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The blog niche you choose for your blog should be something you are interested in, passionate about, or have experience with.  If you choose a blog niche that is popular, but you have no experience or interest in,  readers may find you are just trying to sell stuff to people, and you are not trying to answer their questions or solve their problems.  The search engines will see that you are not providing a good user experience, and may devalue your content.


Ways to Find a Niche for Your Blog

  • topics you are passionate about
  • topics you are interested in
  • topics you know about
  • can you generate blog topic ideas
  • monthly searches for relates topics.


Is Your Blog Niche Popular

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Next, see how many blog posts you can find on those topics.  The Google search bar will show how many monthly searches they get on your topic or niche.  The more blog posts you can find in the search results means it is a relatively popular niche.

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Buyers today are sophisticated and savvy shoppers.  They know when a blog is providing valuable content or just trying to sell product without care to help the reader answer their question or solve their problems.  The readers will click away quickly.  The search engines will notice this, and your bounce rate will increase as readers click away quickly, and don't stay on your blog to read your content.

Also, if you blog about something you are not interested in or passionate about, you are more likely to get bored and quit, rather than stick it out until you make your first dollar blogging and keep at it until your blog is generating a full-time income.


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Read Other Blogs in the Niche

Read through other blogs posts in the in the blog niche and see how you can discuss the topic.  Can you create high value content  in a different way, more thoroughly, or that includes your own personal experience with that topic?  These are just a few ways to differentiate yourself and your blog in a potentially popular niche.

A popular niche doesn't mean you can't make money from it because you think there are already too many bloggers writing about it.  It just means you have to find a way to write about that topic in a way that differentiates yourself from the competition.  Write about your personal experience using the product and how it helped you resolve a problem.

For example, I wrote about a product and found other bloggers said the ingredients were not available.  I did more digging and eventually found a website from the manufacturer that listed each of the ingredients.  I was able to add the ingredients differentiate my content from other bloggers, thus providing a better user experience for readers.

Go to the website of a product in your desired blog niche and see if there is an "affilites" link on the page.  This means they may have an affiliate program that you can sign up for, and you can monetize your blog and your content and make money selling the product on your blog.

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If you type the product in the search bar and add affiliate after it, then click enter, you might find an affiliate network that is marketing that exact product or a similar product.

Don't forget to check if is is sold on, and then you can sell the product as an Amazon affiliate.


How Much Money Can You Make Blogging on That Topic?

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A hot blog niche doesn't always mean you can make a lot of money from it, especially if the product is not too expensive or the commission rate is low, 2% - 10%.

Knitting for example is a popular topic, but can you make a sustainable income blogging about knitting and selling knitting supplies.

What is the average age of knitters and are they likely to buy their supplies from a knitting store or online?


Some Popular Blog Niche Ideas are:

  • Learn affiliate marketing
  • Self improvement
  • Learning a language
  • Learning to play an instrument
  • Computer coding
  • Women's fashion
  • Dieting
  • Travel
  • Foodie
  • Scrapbooking
  • Dating
  • Fitness
  • Health

If you don't know much about these topics, spend some time reading about them to learn the most common issues that people are searching for in this niche, the types of products or services they are searching for, and the terminology that is used when discussing this topic, before writing your first blog post.

This knowledge will help you differentiate yourself from the competition, and by using popular phrases as your keywords and anchor text, this will help you rank well in the search engines for the product you are selling.




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