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How to Stay Motivated When You’re Blog is Not Making Money

How to Stay Motivated When You’re Blog is Not Making Money

stay motivated while blogging

Blogging can be a fun and potentially even a profitable activity.  It can however, be emotionally challenging and keep you from being motivated to blog on a daily basis, if you’re efforts to make money online are not yet fruitful.

Most bloggers spend hours in solitary sitting at their kitchen table or home office staring at a computer screen crafting blog posts and product reviews, hoping people will find the content on the internet.

This can challenge the motivation of bloggers to continue.  Friends and family often ask what you are doing, and why you are wasting time trying to make money online.  It can also be demotivating if you’re working hard, but you are not making the kind of money you were expecting or need.

This may beg the question of any blogger – How to Stay Motivated When You’re Blog is  Making Money?


Importance of Staying Motivated

Many new bloggers would be likely to get demotivated and quit blogging if they are not getting traffic to their blog or making money after a period of time.

It is even ok to take a short break from blogging to get motivated and recharge your batteries.  The only challenge is when a short break turns into a long break from blogging, and then self doubt takes over in the mind which can lead a person to give up altogether.

The simple fact is blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time to get traffic to your blog and see the results of your activities.  In a time of immediate gratification, staying motivated to keep blogging when you are not yet seeing the results of your activities can be challenging.

For this reason, it is important to stay motivated and keep focused if your blog is not yet making money.  This process takes time and effort.  It’s not a push button thing, like many people selling snake oil to new bloggers claim.   You can’t expect to make money over night.

Most successful bloggers will tell you, it took anywhere from 1 to 3 months before they got consistent traffic to their blog, made their first sale and collected their first commission check.

Making money with a blog quickly may have been the case in the early stages of blogging in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s when blogging and affiliate marketing was in its infancy.

All you needed to do to make money was slap up a website, write a few articles and add some affiliate links.  Today, it is significantly more difficult, but by no means impossible.  There are many more blogs and websites vying for eyes and dollars.


how to stay focus while blogging

Every blogger, from time to time, has issues that can affect their motivation to blog.  This can include:

  • The lack of being fully educated on the latest blogging techniques.
  • Lacking a clear blogging strategy and goal.
  • Not knowing what to write about or develop article titles.
  • Not knowing how to get traffic to their blog.
  • Self doubt if you can do this.
  • Challenges getting traffic to specific blog pages.
  • Not making money from their blog.
  • Google algorithm updates that can cause a significant loss in traffic.

There are many posts and courses that claim if you follow their program you will make money online immediately, or you will make money in 30 days or whatever time frame they claim.

When your efforts are not fruitful and you are not making money, it can be discouraging.  The goal is how to stay motivated when you are blogging and not making money.


There are several techniques bloggers can employ to stay motivated.


Create a blogging schedule


To stay motivated, a blogger needs to create a blogging schedule.  That means having set days and times you will blog every day or each week.


Your blogging schedule can also include ancillary tasks on the days you will not be writing.  This can include such tasks as:

  • developing new blog post titles
  • finding products to promote
  • editing posts
  • signing up with affiliate marketing agencies
  • commenting on other blogs
  • tasks to drive more traffic to your blog


Having a blogging schedule gives you a purpose and keep you motivated.  It keeps you committed to a goal, whether that goal is to publish three blog posts a week or make money within three months, or whatever you choose the goal to be.

Having a blogging schedule keeps you accountable to your ultimate goal.  If you have trouble staying on task, have someone you are accountable to.  Someone you need to check in with and let them know what you have accomplished, and the goals needing to be accomplished.  Set actionable targets and dates.

If you don’t have a person you can check in with, then use a project management software.  It often comes with a  Microsoft  product suite.  There are also many free software products available.  This will help keep you on target to achieving a goal.


Create a List of Article Topics

create blogging scgedule

The worst thing a blogger can do that will affect motivation when you are not making money, is to just log on to your computer, stare at the computer screen and wonder what to write about.

To overcome this dilemma, create a list of article topics to write about.  This way you have a purpose to your day.  You can write with a purpose.  When I create a product review, I plan five articles that support the product.  This creates several internal links within the pages, and improves the SEO of the page and ultimately the product I am promoting.

You can begin by coming up with your keyword list.  Next create article paragraphs around these keywords.

By using buyer keywords that people are searching for, you will have an easier time to get your content ranked in the SERPS.  As people find your content, you are more likely to make money when they click the links and buy the products you are promoting, and share your content.



Join blogging groups 

Blogging can be a lonely job.  You may spend hours a day alone at your computer creating content.  Your friends and family may not understand or even support what you are doing.  This can affect your motivation, especially if your family and friends are demoralizing your activities.

You can find others with the same passion as you and contact them.  This my help foster a friendship or business relationship.  Offer to write a guest post and allow them to write a post for your blog,

A great way to stay motivated is to join a blogging group.  You can find them on Facebook or even doing an internet search.

A blogging group allows you share experiences with other similar bloggers, and learn motivation tips from others who have or are experiencing the issues you are going through.

It’s a way to be a part of a blogging community, and to partner with other like-minded people.

You can find general blogging groups, blogging groups by locale that may have event where you can meet other bloggers and blogging groups by niche.


Respond to Comments


When people come to your blog and leave meaningful comments, you should respond.  Plan a day that you will respond to comments.

This will encourage others to leave comments, when they see their comments are acknowledged.


Take regular breaks


Bloggers should make it a practice to take take frequent breaks from the computer.  Most people recommend 15 minute breaks after every hour staring in front of a computer.

Take a short walk, stretch, do some meditation.  The goal is to rest your eyes and clear your mind.

It is also good to relax shoulder and back muscles.  Being tense and not relaxed can cause mental fatigue and affect motivation.


Meet with Other Bloggers


The best way to meet with other bloggers is to attend a blogging convention.  You can attend sessions on every topic related to blogging and making money online, including overcoming barriers to success..

You can meet and network with thousands of bloggers in one location, share stories, with with like-minded individuals wanting to make money blogging.

If your goal is to make money online, you can find companies that want you to market their products, and meet face-to-face with marketing managers.

Affiliate Summit is the best way to meet with hundreds or thousands of bloggers, and learn from industry veterans.






Ken is a husband, father and has been a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer since 2010.Our goal is to help you learn how to make money blogging.

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  1. Excellent tips, Ken. Especially the ones about interacting with other bloggers, like in groups and comments. More bloggers should do that.

    • Hey Oscar, thanks for the great comment. I see comments from new bloggers all the time about how to interact with other bloggers.
      It’s important for all bloggers to join groups and interact with other content creators.

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