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InstaBuilder 2.0 Easy Landing Page Builder Review

Posted on 22nd August 2018 in Content Marketing, How to Make Money Blogging

Instabuilder landing page creator

If you want to make money online, then you need InstaBuilder 2.0 Landing Page plugin.  This plugin allows you to make custom landing pages for your offers right from your WordPress.

As an affiliate marketer, you already know an effective landing page (lander) is the key to converting readers to buyers.

This is done by clearly explaining to readers the uses and benefits of the product or service with text, graphics, images and video.

Now you can build and launch custom landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages and more right from your WordPress.


What is InstaBuilder 2.0?

InstaBuilder 2.0 is not a done for you static landing page builder, or a template with a few canned options.

Rather, InstaBuilder 2.0 is an easy to use WordPress plugin that uses drag and drop functionality.  This makes it the best landing page builder for WordPress sites.

Now, there is no more need to create and save the template on your computer, then upload to WordPress.  That’s so…yesterday.

This is a WordPress plugin you upload to your WordPress, that you click to use after you open your WordPress page to create a custom landing page.


Drag n Drop Video Editor

landing page creator

With InstaBuilder 2.0 Easy Landing Page Creator, you can forget about being stuck with canned landing page creators.

This program gives you the ability to create unlimited custom landing pages.

With the drag and drop editor, just select the elements you want to use by clicking on them.  Then just drag and drop it where you want it to appear on your blog page.

InstaBuilder v2.0 is a unique WordPress marketing plugin that has ample functionality to help you quickly and easily create beautiful fully customizable landing pages at the touch of a button.

You can include text, images, graphics and video to create the perfect landing page that will convert readers to buyers.

Once the reader takes the action you want, the plugin can be configured to download a digital product, white page or thank you message, for example.

Now it’s never been easier to design the perfect landing page you want and need for your product or campaign, with the easy drag and drop landing page creator.


Will Work on Any Device

landing page creator

This amazing landing page creator is mobile friendly. It will automatically reformat the landing page on your blog to work on any device when people find your page.

You don’t want to lose pageviews, ranking and sales, due to people clicking away as they can’t easily see the landing page on their tablet or smartphone, or see how to navigate it.

Like many people, I have clicked away from many landing pages because it was too graphic and video heavy and loaded slowly.

Also, the page didn’t fit my Iphone screen making it difficult to read, or I couldn’t easily navigate the landing page.  InstaBuilder 2 will prevent this nightmare situation.

This is important more than ever, since Google is now putting more emphasis on mobile devices for SEO ranking in the SERPS than even laptops or desktop computers.

This is due to more people are doing internet searches for products and services via smartphones these days.

If Google sees a high bounce rate, your ranking will suffer.  The Google algorithms senses you’re not giving your readers a good user experience, and this may cause your site to be downgraded.

InstaBuilder 2 makes sure the landing page will automatically format to the screen, regardless of the device you are using.


marketing plugin for WordPress

So many Templates, Your Head Will Explode


landing page builder


Most other cookie cutter landing page programs give just three to five canned landing page templates, and all you can do is change colors and fonts.

This landing page program gives you over 100 templates with unlimited customization options, so you can create a truly unique landing page for your offer.


With InstaBuilder 2 you can quickly and easily create:


  • Squeeze Pages,
  • Mini-Squeeze Pages,
  • Video Squeeze Pages,
  • Sales Pages,
  • Video Sales Pages,
  • Launch Pages,
  • Webinar Pages,
  • Thank You Pages,
  • Download Pages,
  • Upsell Pages,
  • Coming Soon Pages
  • And more…


Each template is fully customizable to your campaign, your niche, or even to fit your style.

This is not a program where you can access a few features, but have to upgrade to unlock all the features, which totally sucks.

With your one time purchase of just $77, you have access to all the features to install on three separate domains, and you get 1 year of support included.


InstaBuilder landing page creator


You have easy access to full menu of design elements and features, right at your fingertips, such as:

  • Text editor to create unique text for your landing pages.
  • Ability to easily import and add images and video.
  • Add Call to Action (CTA) Buttons or  Boxes to get readers to opt-in or buy your product.
  • Create columns, tabbed content, and date Stamps.
  • We all know how important testimonials are, so you can add user testimonials and Facebook comments.
  • With InstaBuilder you get total and complete control over every facet of the design and function of your pages.
  • You won’t believe how much control and variety you will achieve… and that’s just from the pre-built templates.
  • And much, much more…




Here are the most frequent questions people have asked.


InstaBuilder FAQs



How Much Does it Cost?


The cost for each plan below is just a one-time cost.  How cool is that!

This is not a subscription service and you wont have to pay monthly to use. 


InstaBuilder Pacages

  • If you have just a few sites, for just $77, you can install InstaBuilder 2.0 on one to three blogs.
  • Are you a serial entrepreneur with several blogs?  For less than $100, you will be able to install InstaBuilder on an unlimited number of blogs you own.
  • If you’re an SEO or developer, for less than $200 you can install InstaBuilder 2.0 on an unlimited number of client blogs.
  • Each plan includes 1 year of support and product updates.


InstaBuilder 2.0




Ken is a husband, father and has been a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer since 2010.Our goal is to help you learn how to make money blogging.

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