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Long Tail Pro is the secret weapon sophisticated marketers use to master keyword competitiveness.  They use this keyword research tool  to rank their content for popular high value low competition keywords, by finding popular low competition long tail keyword phrases that people often typing into the search bar when searching for a product to purchase.

If you make money online, then you already know the key to your success is having the right profitable keywords to get loads of free or paid traffic to your blog from people searching for the products you are marketing.  Trying to rank for competitive keywords can be almost impossible unless you spend tons of money to bid for these competitive keywords.

You should have a mix of different types of keywords in your content, both to help you rank your content in the search engines for various types of high value and low competition keywords to capture readers at different stages in the purchasing cycle, and ultimately to turn potential buyers into buyers with quality content.


Long Tail Pro


What are Long Tail Keywords?


Long tail keywords are longer 3 to 4 word keyword phrases, which are generally more descriptive keyword phrases than exact name keywords.

My go-to keyword tool is Long Tail Keyword Pro Keyword Research Tool.

When people are searching for a product, such as a car seat, they don't generally just use the keyword "car seat."  You'll get results for everything under the sun.  A good starting keyword phrase is "best car seats."  This will give you a list of car seats.  Noe you can narrow down your search by looking at specific car seats, such as Britax B-Safe Car Seat.  This is an example of a long tail keyword you can use in a product review.

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How Does Log Tail Pro Work?

Long Tail Keyword Pro can help you find other profitable and low competition keywords for the Britax B-Safe car seat you may not otherwise think of.

This Keyword search tool  uses the product exact name keyword and other descriptive words that describes the product, and due to being more descriptive, such as "black Apple Iphone 8" is less competitive and easier to rank for,  than just trying to rank for "iPhone 8".  Then returns a list of long tail keywords that people have searched for when looking for results.

More importantly, this means fewer more highly motivated people who are likely ready to pull out their credit card are using these keywords, which means you are able to rank higher in the search engines for these phrases, and make more sales.

The key is to discover which long tail keywords are more often searched for by motivated buyers than other long tail keywords for the product you are marketing.

An example of a Long tail keywords would be: affiliate marketing training, where "affiliate marketing" is the competitive keyword, and affiliate marketing training is a less competitive long tail three word keyword phrase that contains the competitive keyword we ultimately want to rank for, by using popular natural keyword phrases that people who are further down the purchasing cycle would likely use when searching for a product to buy.


This  Long Tail Keyword Research tool scours the internet looking for the popular long tail keyword phrases that people are actually keying in, and reports them back to you, to use in your content whether for articles or product reviews.


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Why Use Long Tail Keywords to Improve your Internet Marketing

When creating content, such as articles and product reviews for your blog using your target keyword, you need to first create great content that people want to read and are searching for, by writing articles that answer reader's questions or solves their problems.

In the example below using Long Tail Pro, the exact name keyword you are trying to rank for is "Eiffel Tower."

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Long Tail Pro returns several popular long tail keyword searches on that keyword, so you can write great content on a popular long tail keyword that people are already searching for.

The keyword research actually returned a total 80 popular long tail keywords from 'Eiffel Tower,' allowing you to either use them in your content, or create many new articles using the long tail keyword in the H1 tag as the article title.



How Does Long Tail Pro Work?



In the video below, you will see a real user finding keywords for her veterinary practice, so she can write content using long tail keywords that potential clients are searching for.

She started with the exact match keyword she wants to rank for.  Long Tail Pro returns several search results.  Users can choose from 1 to 400 as the number of desired results.

By clicking on the keyword, the user will be able to spy on their competition and see who is using these keywords for their blog and website URLs, and for their content.

Even more importantly, you see how competitive they are so you learn which keywords are ranking high in the search results, yet have a low competition score, which means you will have an easier chance to rank for these keywords using either free organic traffic or paid traffic, where you bid on the long tail keywords.

You can quickly filter the long tail keyword results by several methods, such as:

  • CPC
  • local searches
  • advertiser competition
  • number of words
  • keyword competitiveness.


Export the Data

Once you have your list of long tail keywords, you can export the list of keywords, competition data, top 10 Google results, and keyword metrics data to a Microsoft Excel or Word spreadsheet to use in your marketing campaigns, such as articles, product reviews, emails or on social media.



Benefits of using Long Tail Pro Keyword Reearch Tool?


Long Tail Pro is not just a long tail keyword research tool, it has many benefits to help you crush the competition.

It's not good enough to just find keywords.  You have find the competitive keywords that have several searches per month, so you know people are using these exact keywords to find what they are looking for on the internet.  You also want to ensure they have a low competition score, so you can rank for these keywords without having to spend a lot of money with paid traffic.

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If you are in a competitive niche, then you know keyword competitiveness is a big issue.  Long Tail Pro will help identify the best keywords that you can rank for, so you are not spending time on keywords you can't rank for.

You can easily sort and download the keywords by domain or project for easy retrieval.


Benefits of Long Tail Pro


How Much Does Long Tail Pro Cost?

All these keyword search tools look great until you see how much they cost.  For an established online business making a good monthly income, the price may not be such an issue, but for a new cash strapped online business, the price can be restrictive.

The developers of Long Tail Pro want all marketers to have access to a robust keyword search tool to help you drive traffic to your blog and make sales, so they have made Long Tail Pro affordable for almost any new or established online business.

There are two pricing options for the three pricing plans.  You can select either a monthly or yearly billing option.

Before you select a plan, you can take a 7 Day Free Trial Here.


Long Tail Pro Pricing


Click Here to Purchase Long Tail Pro Long Tail Keyword Research tool and get started today improving your search results, driving more free or paid traffic to your sites, and increase sales and income.


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