How to Duplicate a Proven System to Make Money from Home

How to make money from home

It seems as though every “internet marketing guru” wants you to buy their proven system to make money online.  They show pictures of big houses, fast cars and nice yachts, and make wild claims about the internet riches waiting for.  All you have to do get these things is buy their system.

I make it a point to never buy a internet marketing product from anyone until I have 100% proof they are legitimate.  Only then will I consider buying their product of promoting it on my blog.

Patric Chan is one of the few people who sells products on how to make money online that I trust.  He has been selling his courses and books on how to make money online for at least 5 years now.  I’ve checked out his courses, and found them to be 100% legitimate.


CB Passive Income

CB Passive Income 5.0

Clickbank Passive Income 5.0 is not a new course from Patric Chan, rather this is the latest version of his popular turnkey money making system first introduced in 2013.

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You purchase a one-time license to clone Patric’s entire marketing system.  There is no on-going fees, and there are no expensive upgrade packages to access the entire system or earn higher commissions.


Learn How to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

Patric teaches you how to master the many sources of free and paid traffic to drive traffic to your landing page.

He then teaches you how to drive traffic to his offers.  He has already figured out how to do this, and is sharing his methods with you.  That means ZERO learning curve.


how to drive traffic to your blog

Patric and his team gives you everything you need to start making money online:

  • You get your own webpage
  • Products to promote
  • Emails to send out to prospective buyers
  • Process to collect email addresses to continue to send emails to
  • How to write articles
  • Patric and his team help close the sales for you


No Need to Find Products to Promote

With CB Passive Income 5, you don’t have to scour Clickbank, Amazon or other places to find products to promote.  You simply duplicate Patric Chan’s formula to make money online.

When you log into your back office portal, you have a list of Patric’s products and the best performing pages to promote.

Your goal is actually not even to sell the products.  Your goal is to give the products away for free!  In exchange for the free product, you get their email address.  Patric and his team use these emails to sell products to them.  You get paid a commission or finder’s fee for each product that is sold.

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You Leverage Patric’s Expertise

Internet marketing products are difficult to sell if you don’t have credibility or have an established name in the niche.  Patric Chan has a well established name in internet marketing as an authority.

Patric Chan has been successfully creating and selling products online for several years, that show people how to make money on the internet.

He created CB Passive Income 5.0 to help you leverage his expertise.  He teaches you his methods how to make money online.  Most course that teach you how to make money online, teach you the skills then you are on your own to apply them.


Patric Chan teaches you the skills, but that’s just the beginning not the end.  He then gives you the tools to employ the skills.  This includes:

  • He gives you the email swipe that he has tested and know they work well to convert readers to buyers.
  • You get his best landing page templates.
  • His products have been best sellers on Clickbank for years.
  • Patric Chan shows you how to create content to promote his offers.
  • He teaches you his methods to make money online.
  • He provides you with web hosting for your landing pages.


How Do They Know to Pay You?

You enter your Clickbank ID into the Patric Chan offers you sell or giveaway.  This way Patric Chan knows who referred the lead, so you can get paid when they buy a product.


How CB Passive Income Works


When you sign up for CB Passive Income, Patric walks you through his entire method, and gives you everything you need to begin making money online.

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There is nothing hidden or upsells to get special access, like some other programs.



cb passive income 5.0


What are The Steps for CB Passive Income 5.0


CB Passive Income 5.0 is a powerful, yet easy system to learn, as long as you follow the steps exactly as Patric teaches them, you don’t cheat or try to side step a process.


How Clickbank Passive Income Works

“Success comes to those that follow the steps laid out before you.”  No one ever cheatred their way to success.

Get Started Here.



How to Purchase CB Passive Income 5.0


You have two options to purchase CB Passive Income 5.0.  You can purchase the program on a monthly basis for $47, or a one-time fee of $497 for Life-time access.


Clickbank Passive Income



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