Can You Make Money with Sponsored Posts

If you're a blogger or affiliate marketer, a great way for new or experienced marketers to make money quickly is with a sponsored post. A sponsored post is a paid article either written by the blogger or provided by the advertiser, and published on a blog. 

This type of promotional content promotes a particular product or service.  The brand or agency pays the blogger to create the content.  They can also be paid to publish promotional content on their blog.

The goal of a sponsored post is to drive traffic to the client's site or company.  The goal of a sponsored post is to increase traffic to a site or  promotional blog post. and increase sales.  A blogger can charge anywhere from $100 to $5,000 for a sponsored post.  This is dependent on the size of your blog audience, domain authority and page impressions.  The industry average is around $300 for a sponsored article.

A sponsored post can be written by the blogger, using a keyword or prompt the client wants to promote. A company can also create the content and pay the blogger to post it on their blog.

Sponsored posts has evolved into an area of content marketing or blogging referred to as Influencer Marketing. 


How to Find Sponsored Post Opportunities

find sponsored post opportunities

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If your blog is well established and easily found in the search engines for your keyword, companies and content marketing agencies may reach out to you.

They may contact you to write a sponsored post for them or one of their clients.

If this is the case, you may be able to negotiate a rate for each post. Companies may state the rate they will pay you.

In other cases, the company will give you the product for free in exchange for an article or product review.

If you are new to blogging, or want to be able to choose the sponsored post opportunities, you can register with a company that sends out sponsorship opportunities.

In this case, you may need to accept or reply to sponsorship opportunity with a proposal including your fees or media kit.


A Sponsored Post Can Take Take Many Forms, such as:

  • Product reviews
  • articles
  • listicles
  • banner ads
  • videos
  • Instagram posts  
  • Facebook ads
  • etc


How to Collaborate with Brands or Agencies

collaborate with brands

Brands and agencies are always on the look out for blogs to partner with.  They look for established blogs in a popular niche, and has a large following.  A blogger can generate a substantial income from sponsored posts.  

In some cases the brand or agency will reach out to blogs to create or publish a sponsored post.  In other cases bloggers can email a brand or agency, and pitch an idea for a sponsored post.

There are websites you can sign up for, where brands offer promotional opportunities.  Bloggers respond to the opportunity, and if they like your content, feel you have what they are looking for will extend an offer to create sponsored content campaign.

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Don't Forget Facebook Blogger Groups

A hidden gem for uncovering sponsored post opportunities and to work with influencer marketing  are Facebook Blogger Groups.  Campaign managers promote their product on these boards, and bloggers respond.  The campaign manager can check out the blogs and engage with bloggers they wish to work with.  

If you're blog doesn't have a high domain authority or a large following, it may be difficult to attract large brands.  This is a good opportunity to work with small bands and local businesses looking to advertise, and may have a limited marketing budget.


Create a Media Kit

Put together a media kit and send it to the businesses to get one of them to hire you.  In the world of blogging, a media kit is a document that outlines the key facts and stats for your blog.

You should send the media kit to potential advertisers or brands that you wish to collaborate with. The kit tells them all about your blog, such as which topics or niche you write about, how many followers you have on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, for example.

A blogger media kit will explain the type o content you create and how you will promote the content, and also typically lists the different types of collaboration options and prices for the services you offer.

If you want to collaborate with a brand, you should definitely have a media kit ready to send. Not only does it make you look professional, but it also shows a potential advertiser why they should work with you.


Free Media Kit Software


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Below are several software vendors that offer free and paid media kit software kits.   You can use them to promote your service.



Disclaimer Required


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has established strict guidelines for influencers, brands and bloggers who create sponsored posts, that they need to clearly and conspicuously disclose their relationships to brands,  when they are promoting or endorsing products.

This disclaimer is used predominantly for content promoted by athletes, entertainers or other people with strong social media followings.  If they are paid to endorse a product, a sponsored post must clearly demonstrate this is a paid endorsement.  


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