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Affilorama Pathway to Passive is a new resource guide from affiliate marketing expert Mark Ling, founder of Affilorama, who has been making a full time 7 figure income from affiliate marketing since 1998.  I have used his other products, such as Afflorama and AffiloBlueprint, and Mark Ling knows what he's talking about.

As a matter of fact, I am using Affilotheme from Affilorama on this blog.

This information packed guide offers time tested tips, tricks and instruction for new affiliate marketers who want to save time learning how to make money online.

Mark Ling helps you streamline the learning process so you can master the steps needed more quickly.  You will learn to build a successful, high-quality, affiliate website, while earning passive income.

Mark Lin will teach you the tips and tricks that have helped him achieve financial wealth and freedom, selling other people's products online for nearly 20 years!


Pathway to Passive is an easy to follow affiliate marketing training system.

This book will teach you how to:


  • Build a search engine optimized websites.
  • Find profitable affiliate products to sell.
  • Generate content ideas that you can monetize.
  • Build a sales funnel that moves people from being interested into becoming a sale.
  • Create a website and content that people want to share via their social channels





How to Be a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Are you targeting the right readers in your blog?  Getting tons of visitors to your blog is great.  What if they land on your blog, turn around and leave?

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To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need the right buyers coming to your blog.

Are you using these four steps?

Key Benefits of Pathway to Passive


  • Learn how to choose a profitable "niche",  and find the best affiliate products to sell on your blog that will make you money.
  • Discover how to find affiliate programs that have profitable products in your niche to promote.
  • Learn tricks to help your content rank high in the search engines when the keyword competition is tough.
  • Learn how to find and use buyer keywords, to weed out the tire kickers, and attract buyers.
  • Find methods to choose the right topics, and popular yet low competition keywords that attract people who are searching and more likely to buy.
  • Discover tips and tricks to effectively “monetize” your posts and pages, so your content will generate commissions.
  • Learn techniques to construct funnel that naturally get customer to cross the finish line, and leads people towards a sale.
  •  Learn how to find out what your audience really wants, and create content that people want to read naturally want to share, which will Attract more authoritative links.


What Is Included:


  • The full "Pathway to Passive" guide: A step-by-step blueprint for building passive profit content websites the right way.
  • 60 day Money back Guarantee.


Who Is Pathway to Passive for?


Pathway to Passive

Pathway to Passive has something for everyone who wants to learn how to make money with a blog, whether you're just getting started or you're an experienced affiliate marketer looking for new ways to generate income online.

This guide is for beginner affiliate marketers who are just getting started and  want a bird's-eye-view of what it takes to create passive income creating affiliate websites and content.

As a content creator, it's not only important to find buyers, but also find people who will link to and share your content on their blog or other social channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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These links do two important things, they attract other people to your blog, and it tells the search engines your content is really valuable and this will naturally boost your ranking in the search engines, which will help your content get found more easily when people are searching on the Internet.

Experienced affiliate marketers will love this easy- to- understand system to boost existing sales and commissions, increase search engine rankings of their content so it will be found faster, and discover new profitable keywords and keyword phrases  to target for new and existing content.

As Google and the other search engines use more advanced algorithms in ranking keywords, this can have a dramatic impact on the visibility of your content, which has a direct impact on your income.

If people can't find your content, they can't click links and ultimately buy the products you are promoting.

Pathway to Passive, from Mark Ling, is an affordable and easy to understand affiliate marketing training, which you have been waiting for to start or improve your affiliate marketing business.


Pathway to Passive


What are People Saying about Pathway to Passive


This has opened my eyes to a simple, effective but informative way to not only provide great informative content but increase your earnings. I'm looking forward to applying it to my website/blog.
- Tommy J


Chapter 5 - Wow Content is killer. The blueprint for engaging traffic drawing content is spot on. Best plan for longterm free search engine traffic.
- Greg G.


This is smart, advanced stuff that I haven't read before in such an explicit and detailed manner... You get all the pieces of the puzzle together and understand how it works and what to do. Brilliant! Best affiliate blueprint I ever read.
- Gerard S.


An in-depth perspective  of  the philosophy and exact details that  are involved with creating content that attracts traffic.
- Jack


Every day I read expert opinions on the right and wrong ways of affiliate marketing. This sums everything legitimate up in one guide.
- Darcy F.


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How much is Pathway to Passive?


A lot of affiliate marketing training programs cost $99 up to $997, or require a monthly subscription, which can put you deep in the hole until you make your first commission.

Mark Ling wants to make sure his Pathway to Passive affiliate marketing guide is affordable for newbies all the way up to veteran affiliate marketers.


Get Pathway to Passive for $37! 

Get it Here!  No need to wait for snailmail.


Even better, you have a whopping 60 days to check it out for yourself to see if it provides value to your business.


Get your Head Start Today!


Let's face it, learning how to make money online takes time.  Anyone who tells you that you can make money overnight with their system is lying to you.

That's why most people who start in this business quit within 6 months, because they realize this isn't a get rich quick business.

Pathway to Passive will however, shave months off your learning.  You will learn the mistakes to avoid that most newbies make.  You can get ahead of the curve, and dramatically improve your chances of success!


Click here to get started making money blogging!


Pathway to Passive

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