Sell Physical Products or Digital Products, Which is The Best for New Bloggers?

sell Physical Products or Digital Products

For new bloggers and affiliate marketers, one of the biggest dilemmas is whether to sell digital products, physical products, or both?

Every new affiliate marketer faces this dilemma, so what should you do?

Does your desired niche lend itself better to physical or digital products, or maybe like some niches, you can sell both on your blog?

What are the pro’s and cons of marketing digital or physical products?  We will discuss the benefits of selling both here, how to find the best physical and digital products, and an affiliate marketing training course for selling digital products, so pull up a chair.

Some affiliate marketing training courses will stress that new bloggers should focus on selling physical products, like those sold on which are shipped to the buyer’s address, versus digital products that are downloaded to the buyer’s computer.

There are definite advantages and disadvantages of selling both types of products, the key is to know what markets lend themselves better to which type of product, and your skill at crafting a compelling sales letter.


Advantages of Selling Physical Products


For many new affiliate marketers, it can be easier to sell well known physical products that already have strong name recognition by:


  • the product name
  • brand name recognition
  • product type
  • product reviews
  • user testimonials


Crafting a well-written product review of a well known product can help you generate sales quickly. This can help you build your confidence that you can actually make money with a blog.

You don’t always have to buy the product, though it is highly recommended.  If you are reviewing a popular product, you may be able to try it out at a store or if you know someone who owns it, ask them to let you try it for a few days to get comfortable with the uses, learn the features, determine all the capabilities and even uncover drawbacks.

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The more you know about the product, the better prepared you are to write a real, accurate and convincing product review.

Well-known products may already have some name recognition, and can help sell themselves without you having to write several articles.


This is the book I used to learn how to sell physical products.


Disadvantages of Selling Physical Products


The biggest disadvantage of selling physical products is the relatively low commission rate, which is usually between 1% and 12%, with the average being 5%.

If you sell a $100 product with a 5% commission rate, you will make a $5 in commission  when someone buys the product.



Takeaway on Selling Physical Products


That means you will have to sell 100 units per month to make a $500 commission check.

If you are selling a popular product, you are probably competing against several hundred other affiliates trying to sell the same product.  You need to read several other product reviews of that product that are on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo, to see how they are crafting the reviews, does it appear if they have or have not used the product, and would their reviews convince you to buy the product.

Your goal is not to copy these reviews, rather see how you can write a better product review.  What you also want to do is see what popular keywords the bloggers are trying to rank for.

Do you need to rank for these popular and potentially competitive keywords, or are there other popular but less competitive keywords that you can rank highly on the first page of the search engines?

If you need to rank for the competitive keyword, try using long tail keywords that use the primary keyword in a sentence.  This way you are using a competitive keyword in a less competitive structure.


You can learn how to sell physical products here


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Advantages of Selling Digital Products


While it can be more challenging for new affiliates to sell digital products than physical products, the much higher commission rate of 50% to 75% available when selling digital products can be enticing.

In general, the higher the commission rate the harder it is to sell the product, so the seller offers affiliates more commission to promote their products.

If you have experience selling digital products, and you know how to craft convincing offers, you can same or more money selling digital products with the same effort you would put in to selling lower commission physical products.

There are significantly more verticals to market digital products in than physical products, so the income potential is higher with digital products.  The key is to learn how to choose popular digital products.

With sites like Clickbank, the leading digital affiliate network, there are quick and easy tools, such as the gravity of the product, which is an indicator of the number of affiliates marketing a particular product that have made at least one sale  to help you find popular products to market in just about any niche.

Many people make a healthy full time income selling digital products.  The key is to learn the process of effectively selling digital products.


Disadvantages of Selling Digital Products


The biggest disadvantage of selling digital products is that selling digital products are the following:


  • digital products can be more difficult than selling physical products.
  • Many physical products sold on or other sites have some level of name recognition, which can be easier for new affiliate marketers to promote.
  • Many digital products, on the other hand, are created by unknown individuals, so you need to know the features and benefits of the product to solve the reader’s problem.
  • It can require significant personal interaction with the digital product, so you can be a credible marketer of the product.
  • You need to know how to relate a digital product to your reader, so they understand the benefits of a product they will not be holding, like an appliance, supplement or physical book.
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Takeaway on Selling Digital Products


  • Selling digital products can be harder than selling physical products.
  • Digital product sellers offer 50% to 75% commission vs 5% to 10% commission on physical products.
  • Income potential of digital products is significantly higher.
  • You are selling product benefits, not brand name recognition.


How to learn to sell Digital Products


It is recommended to take a digital products training course, so you can master the process.  The best digital products course I have found is AffiloBlueprint by Affilorama.

The course uses video lessons that shows you how to find the best digital products for your niche to market on your blog.

You learn how to use the tools on Clickbank to identify products that are selling, and being sold by other affiliates.  This is the best way to find products you want to market.

Once you have found your desired product, you will learn the video lessons to locate the best keywords for your product, especially since you will be selling the benefits and not the product name.

AffiloBlueprint will then show you how to construct the perfect digital product review and find images.

The best part of this affiliate marketing training course, is that the lessons work just as well for physical products.


Sign up for AffiloBlueprint now, and make money selling digital products as effectively as physical products, so you can make a healthy full-time income from affiliate marketing.


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