Why Affiliate Marketers Need to Share Content on Social Media to Drive Traffic to Their Blog?

share your content on social media

As an affiliate marketer you know that the key to making money with a blog is to drive tons of traffic to your popular pages, and a program to share content on social media needs to be included in your marketing plan.

You can have the best offers in the world, and be an amazing wordsmith creating unique and compelling content, but if no one sees it you won’t make any money.

In this article you will learn why it is important to share your blog content on social media, and easiest way to share your blog content.

Let’s get started.


Why Not Using Social Media as Part of Your Affiliate Marketing is a Mistake?


While making money online requires a website or blog that you update regularly with fresh content and monetize your content with banners and affiliate links, this is not enough anymore.

With millions of blogs vying for your readership, savvy shoppers expecting high quality content and Google constantly updating their algorithms to define what is high quality content, and making affiliate marketers work harder than ever to get their content found, you need to have a multi-faceted marketing model that includes using social media to get your content in front of your readers as fast as possible.

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If you don’t have Web 2.0 accounts to share your blog content, you are making a big mistake, that will affect you in your bank account.

If Google changes the ranking of their keywords, this can affect the placement of your content in the SERPs (Search engine results pages), and make your content harder to find, which can affect sales.

By having a social media presence, you can be shielded from these changes in ranking and your readers will have immediate access to your content regardless of their placement in the search results.



1 in 100 Million


At last count, there are over 100 million blogs in existence, and WordPress estimates that in January 2017, over 80 million blog posts were published.  Some of these blogs are just personal diaries and many are affiliate marketing sites.

While you are not competing against all 100 million blogs, you can bet there are many blogs in your niche competing for the same eyeballs and dollars, so how do you stand out from the crowd?


  • You need to have an offer that people are looking for, or have an offer that solves your reader’s problems.  That’s why they landed on your blog in the first place.
  • Your articles must be well written and explain how your product will solve their problem.
  • You need to have the right keywords that people are keying into the search bar on their internet search engine, so that your articles will come up and be found.
  • You need to have Web 2.0 accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, where you can share images and links to your blog pages.  This is one of the best ways to drive tons of free traffic to your blog.
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What is the Easiest Way to Share Your Blog Content?


share content on social media

People are scouring social media sites to find the kind of information that is on your blog that you should be sharing.

Using social media is the easiest way to share your content and get your blog in front of millions of eyes.

Manually sharing your blog content can be time consuming.  FPTraffic has streamlined the process.

You can post your content automatically up to three times a day, so that if you have readers in different time zones in the US or in other countries, you can get your content in front of them when they are most likely to be online, and they will get a notification that you have posted new content.



When Should You be Posting Your Content?



With FPTraffic, there are reports so you can see what time of the day most of your readers are online, so that you can automatically schedule your blog content to post to your social media accounts when they are on.

Social media is a much better way to get your content in front of your readers than email marketing.  People on average get 50 to 150 emails a day, and will delete one half to 2/3 without ever opening the email.

When you share your content on social media, people are much more engaged than with email, and they are more likely to read your content when they get a notification that you have posted new content.

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Even if you are a new blogger and you think no one cares about what you have to say, you would be wrong.  People are looking on social media for what you have to say, not necessarily who you are, so the key is to have good compelling and well written content.

With that they will determine if you are important and that they will either seek out more content from you, or open a message when they get a notification that you have posted new content to your Facebook page or other social media pages.



Get Five Days of FPTraffic for Free


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