Viral Marketing & Content Marketing – Do They Work?

We are used to the fact that the word “virus” is an association with something bad. The virus that people suffer from, or a virus that infects your computer and destroys tons of your important information.

However, what about viral marketing? This is something that can bring fame and huge profits to you or your company. So viral marketing is good? Let’s consider in more detail.

Viral marketing content marketing are ways of influencing the target audience, when the audience itself, consciously or unconsciously, promotes and shares content or information about a brand, product or service via the Internet or social marketing. Viral marketing is one of those cases when all genius often occurs accidentally and unconsciously.


Features of viral marketing


Previously, viral marketing was sudden. People who used it could not even realize what a powerful tool is in their hands and how to use it. However, there were also those who tried to learn how to use viral marketing, dig deeper into its essence, but caught defeat without finding its cause.

The top feature of viral marketing is unpredictability.

Sometimes, viral marketing is considered one of the most effective marketing methods. But is it? The fact is that a successful marketing company using viral marketing is always a mixture of right actions and good luck. What you have planned, can be eaten and swallowed by the audience, and maybe just chewed and spat. There is no 100% efficiency of your actions, as when using other marketing tools and other strategies. The truth of viral marketing: creativity, ease and interest.

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A significant disadvantage of viral marketing is that it can work anytime – in the first minutes of filing or in three years. In the first case, this is an excellent option, with the second all is not very good. Therefore, we must either rely on this, or use other marketing abilities. Often, viral marketing ads are combined with SMM or considered as a part of it.

You release advertising, promote it in social networks, users react and voila – the success. Everything seems simple in words, but do not forget about the second important feature of viral marketing – instability.

Unpredictable and unstable form of advertising. Because of this it is difficult to cope with it and even more difficult to make it work. An ordinary consumer is difficult to surprise and interest in the 21st century, so for the work of viral marketing you need to make great efforts and creativity. Without them, viral marketing will work only with the help of luck.

Viral marketing is effective because of one simple reason – it is communicative. The audience itself distributes your information among themselves or their online community, increasing sales and distribution channels. Friends send each other mentions, share impressions. This is how viral marketing works and that’s why it’s effective.



Why is viral marketing effective?

Nobody likes advertising in our world. People stopped paying attention to it. Big boards, ads in the newspaper, pop-up windows on the computer are now ineffective. There are only two ways to attract users effectively – to give what they are looking for or to advertise so that they do not know about it. With the second method viral advertising works: it is hidden.

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Another main reason why this type of promotion works – because it touches the most ordinary human emotions. For a successful company, you should touch either positive or negative emotions. People will distribute advertising with lightning speed, giving in to emotions.

However, you shouldn’t forget about content marketing as well, as it becomes an inseparable part of any process.



Here are a few advantages that this strategy gives


  1. Raising brand awareness

Consistency is the key quality of content marketing. This means you need to constantly publish information, create material, so that your name is always on public. Then you will be the first person whom a potential client will think about, in case of emergency.

  1. Forms the image of an expert

Imagine that there are 15 snowboard shops in your city. However, only one tells about its characteristics, tricks, compares different models. Where will you make your purchase? This single store shows its experience, stands out as an expert. So, the client does not have to spend a lot of time exploring the Internet to find out which snowboard is better. He immediately goes to the expert.

  1. Calls for action

When a person needs to spend money, he is likely to think for a long time. When a client receives clear answers to his questions, hears a story that looks like his own, he makes a decision faster. Writing content that shows the client experience and the way to purchase leads to increased sales.

  1. Viral content – free advertising

Constant creation of materials on different topics allows you to attract traffic from several sources at once:

  • through organic search;
  • social networks;
  • traditional media.
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This, in turn, leads to an increase in the number of orders and purchases. And increases the efficiency of paid means of attracting traffic, such as banner advertising, targeting, advertising in social networks, etc.

Interesting material gives people an excuse to click on the link and go to your site. If you disclose unique or seasonal topics, then you will attract more readers. This also raises your ranking among potential customers.

  1. Keep your site up to date

Most customers today use the Internet to find the information they need to make decisions. Therefore, the site is what creates the first impression of your business. Obsolete, ugly site is unlikely to cause trust. Constantly update the information, improve your resource, so that it is convenient for potential customers. When people get a good client experience, they understand that they have come to a professional and most likely will come back more than once.


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