What are Long Tail Keywords, and Why Use Them?



As a blogger or affiliate marketer, you use keywords in your content related to the subject or product, so you can get your content found in the search engines, and ranking on the first page of the search engines.  A long tail keyword is a 3-4 word sentence that includes your target keyword, and oftentimes has a lower competition than the exact match target keyword. With a long tail keyword you can more easily get your content to rank on the fist page in the search engines, to help you make money online.


What are Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are 3-4 word sentence that includes your target keyword.  Let's say you are selling iPhones.  The keyword iPhone is a broad generic keyword, that has 3,440,000,000 monthly searches.  This is too broad of a keyword, and you will never be able to rank for such a generic keyword.


6 Useful Tips to Properly Use long tail Keywords for Blogging


As you add descriptive words, the keyword phrase gets longer and more specific.  The monthly searches drops, as the search becomes more specific and defined.  For example, the very broad term iphone becomes more specific as you add words,  such as used iPhone 8, iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 on sale.

This helps you target a keyword phrase people are actually searching for.  When you write content on an iPhone, you should be using these popular long tail keywords in your article title and throughout your content.  These are the buyer keyword phrases people are searching for when looking to buy an iPhone.

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These long tail keywords will help your content rank on the first page in the search engines.  They popular keyword phrases have just a few thousand monthly searches.  This means these are the buyer keywords people who are ready to buy with credit card in hand are searching for your content.


Exact Match Keywords

Moz defines an exact match keyword as "search results that perfectly match all of the keywords in the search query, exactly as the searcher types it into the search bar."

With the exact match keyword, you use the same exact match keyword in your content to rank your content, and drive traffic to your page or offer.

With an exact match keyword as your target keyword, it exactly matches a search query and matches the keyword in your content.  These specific keywords can be used in Google Adwords for PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, where you bid to rank for this exact match keyword.

An example of an exact match keyword is Ford Explorer.  Related keyword phrases are: Ford SUV, Ford Truck.  These keyword phrases are similar in context to Ford Explorer, and you can use these keyword phrases in the same content with similar meaning.

It is also for organic search, where users are keying in the exact match keyword into their internet search bar,  where they are searching for content that contains that exact keyword.


Problem with Exact Match Keywords

The problem with trying to rank your content organically for exact match keywords comes when your keyword has high competition, and can be hard to rank for.

This is especially the case when the keyword has high competition, has many thousands of monthly searches and may require an unrealistic amount of content, to be able to effectively rank for the keyword.

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You would have to create tons of content, using that keyword, just to get your content to rank in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).  This can be a very difficult task.

It may be possible with a PPC campaign to rank your content for the target keyword, depending on the cost per click.


How to Use a Long Tail Keywordlong tail keywords

If the exact match keyword you are trying to rank for is too competitive, then you should try to rank for a long tail keyword phrase, that includes the exact match keyword.

A long tail keyword phrase is generally a 3-4 word descriptive phrase that includes the exact match keyword, and is generally less competitive, thus making it easier to rank your content with this phrase.

A long tail keyword is usually used further down the purchasing cycle.  People using these more descriptive SEO search phrases are more likely to make a purchase, as they have done more research on the product or service.  The competition for a long tail keyword is generally much lower, as fewer highly motivated people are using these descriptive long tail keyword phrases.

Research indicates when you use a long tail keyword in your title and as an anchor text in your article, readers are more motivated to purchase, giving you upwards of a 36-40% higher conversion rate, as compared to using a single exact match keyword.

You should use the long tail keyword phrase you are trying to rank for in the title tag of your content, the image alt tag and in three to four instances in your blog post as a clickable anchor text.

Neil Patel says you are more likely to actually outrank your competition when you use a long tail keyword, vs an exact match keyword.

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If you're searching for a mountain bike, your initial query might be for mountain bikes to learn more about them, the brands and models available, price and stores that sell them.

Your next search might be for a [specific brand] plus [model].  An example might be, Specialized Mountain Bikes, or Specialized Mountain Bikes 24".



How to Find Long Tail Keywords People are Searching For

find long tail keywordsThe best way to uncover the long tail keyword phrases that people are using to find the product you are marketing, is to use a long tail keyword research tool. This keyword tool finds long tail keywords you can use in your content

A long tail keyword search tool starts with the exact match keyword you enter into the tool, and it then returns anywhere from 5 - 50 long tail keyword phrases that people have keyed into the search engines.

They also give you a competitiveness score, so you can determine the best keyword you can rank for.


My Long Tail Keyword Search Tool

long tail keyword pro search toolI use Long Tail Pro keyword search tool to find long tail keywords to use in articles and product reviews.

In addition to discovering long tail keywords, Long Tail Pro shows the monthly searches for that keyword.

You also get keyword competitiveness.

Finally, you get SERP availability, which is the percent organic results.


Long Tail Pro Results

how long tail pro works


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