What is Evergreen Content, and How Do You Create It?


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Why is evergreen content so important to bloggers?  First of all, just as evergreen trees stay green year ’round for years, they don’t lose their leaves like other types of trees.

Evergreen content is popular in the search engines, due to it stays relevant even years after it was originally published.

This an important distinction from other types of content, which can become dated over time or lose their relevance.

Examples of this include:

  • when trends change or go out of fashion.
  • market changes.
  • keyword you are ranking for stays popular and doesn’t change position with algorithm updates.
  • tactics used to achieve a goal are updated rendering the current content irrelevant.


Search engines love evergreen content, since offers inherent quality and value for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This content often ranks at the top of SERPS (search engine results page) for the keyword.

Consequently, content creators can use the content to rank their blog high in the search engines for the post title or post subject.

This is due to the fact evergreen content contains a  subject that is frequently searched for.



Why Evergreen Content in so Important for Bloggers


Bloggers don’t just love to create evergreen content that is frequently searched for on the internet, they frequently link this content to other blog posts due to its popularity.

Most of all, it’s the gift that keeps giving a boost in link juice.

Evergreen content tends to naturally rank high in the search engines, because the topics of such content are frequently searched for year after year.

Due to it’s high quality and value and search engine quality metrics,  it can be easily found in internet searches without having to be updated.

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If your content has to be updated often to stay relevant, it is not evergreen content no matter how well written the piece is.



Content that stays hot for a few week or even several months, such as content related to:


  • politics or political figures or issues.
  • Hollywood stars.
  • Popular gossip topics.
  • Tragic events in the news.
  • Popular social trends.



How to Create Evergreen Content 


how to create evergreen content

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Evergreen content is the best content, since it is relevant, remains current and fresh for readers long after it was created.

“How to” is one of the most frequently used terms in evergreen content.  This simple keyword phrase can be the determinant if your content will be elevated to the lofty position of evergreen content.

Like the evergreen plant, once it is planted, it flourishes and grows with little need to tend to it.

It doesn’t need to be updated often if at all, or have the keywords researched and changed with each algorithm refresh.  Also, it is easily found in internet searches.



How To Articles


how to make chicken

How To Articles



That is why certain types of articles, which you will read about in this article, lend themselves to becoming evergreen content over time.

The best way to produce evergreen content is by writing high quality articles that answer questions people are asking.  It should solve their problems and be able to stand the test of time.

There are certain types questions that seem to almost be generational.  People in every generation seem to ask the same questions about these topics:


  • romance.
  • DIY (Do It Yourself).
  • sex.
  • recipes.
  • money issues.
  • education.
  • dating.
  • parenting.
  • health and dieting.
  • aging.
  • quality of life in general.


Bloggers should strive to create this kind of content,  as long as people keep searching for it.



Example of List article on How to Paint a House


evergreen content on how to paint a house


This type of content is evergreen since it solves a common issue people who are seeking this type of DIY project, and is popular with home owners who wish to paint their own house.

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This same type of question is often asked 1, 2,5 or even 10 years after the content was originally created

You don’t write evergreen content, rather you write high quality content that seems to stand the test of time and stays relevant years after it was created, and it is elevated to evergreen content status.

If you are having difficulty creating content that answer’s people’s questions, maybe you should start with a relevant keyword for your content.

Nest, create a 3 to 4 sentence long tail keyword phrase that begins with a word such as, “How to” that can be used as the article title, and creates content that people are often searching for.

If you don’t know to create this type of evergreen content, you should consider using a keyword search tool that uses a relevant keyword, and returns a list of relevant keyword phrases that people have keyed into the search when trying to find an answer to their issue or problem.



Common Evergreen Content Formats:


Below are some common formats for evergreen content you might consider using in generating articles that can stand the test of time.

Consequently, these types of articles are especially relevant to evergreen status as compared to other types of articles.

This is due to people frequently search the internet year after year for articles of this type,  that solve the reader’s problems or answer questions they are seeking help for.



  • List type articles on a relevant topic or subject.
  • FAQs.
  • Tips to solve a problem or issue that are always asked.
  • Travel destinations.
  • Instructional “How To” articles, tutorials or videos.  By linking the video or tutorial to your blog post will keep your content evergreen.
  • Product Reviews that designed to answer the users problems, and don’t just review or sell a product.



What Is Not Evergreen Content:


  • News articles or current events.
  • Articles on politics or a political figure or issue.
  • Statistical data or numerical reports that are likely to change over time, go out of date or become irrelevant over time.
  • Articles about specific holiday events.
  • Articles focused on a current trend or pop culture fads or figures.
  • The latest clothing trends, fads and fashion trends.
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In the example below are a list of recent articles about the Kardashian family.  This family’s show and escapades are followed primarily by millennials, and most of all are hot and topical for a short amount of time, but become irrelevant quickly as new articles are created.

Articles about celebrities are generally never evergreen content, since they become irrelevant within a few weeks or months of being published.




In conclusion, if you want to write evergreen content focus on writing high quality content that solves the reader’s problems.

You can do this by searching for topics that have many searches in the internet.

In the area of How To Write an article, there are 585,000,000 (five hundred and eighty-five million) results.

Evergreen content is created around a popular keyword related to ‘How to Write an Article, or other topic that lends itself to evergreen content.

In addition,  you should strive to create an article that has the possibility to become an evergreen article that will return SEO benefits to you or others for many years.

This should therefore, support the conclusion that with some research on this topic, it is quite possible to write a high quality article.

There are several types of articles that lend themselves to become evergreen content.

Finally, do your research ahead of time. See what other authors write.  Find out what people are searching for, and finally create content that answer’s the reader’s question.





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