7 Ways to stay productive while working from home

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Many workers have been working from home during the pandemic, and this may be creating a new work environment.  With the Coronavirus leading to stay at home orders, and children attending school online or being unable to play outside, it can lead to distractions.

When working remotely during the pandemic, this can have a significant impact on your productivity.  Do you find it challenging to talk with co-workers, since most meetings are now held on Skype or Zoom.  While working from home, you are more likely to be distracted by your spouse, children or the pets.  You can easily get distracted by social media sites,  the TV or even the fridge.

On the other hand,  millions of people have online jobs, such as affiliate marketing or blogging.  People who make money online are accustomed to working from home. Online marketers are paid by clicks, sales or other types of online engagement and not a paycheck.  In other words,  success for people who make money online is directly proportional to their own efforts.

Challenges can come by having to share work space with family members who are forced to work from home, or having to help kids with school work while you are also trying to work from home as an online marketer.  The issues those of us who work online have overcome are relevant to people forced to work from home due to the pandemic.

It often comes down to having a work life balance.  Find productive ways to get your work done and support your family in a way that preserves your sanity and promotes  a happy and healthy home life.


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7 Ways to Stay Productive While Working From Home


1. Define Work Space at Home

If you are new to working from home, whether you are temporarily working remotely or you have decided to be a freelance worker or online marketer, it is important to define your home work space.  Do you have a spare room in your house that you can use as a home office.  Is the kitchen table doubling as your workspace?  What home office equipment do you need?  Is a computer, monitor and internet connection all you need, or do you also need a printer, fax machine and land line?

If you're working from the kitchen table and sharing the space with family members or roommates, you may have to set work hours that don't interfere with others.


2. Have Set Work Hours

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If you are working from home, it is important to have set work hours, such as 8am - 5pm or 10am to 2 pm for example.  The first thing is to determine the number of hours you will work each day, whether it be 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours.

To ensure you stay productive, stick to your work hours.  If you have babies or small children at home, you may want to set you work hours when the children are napping.   If you don't set work hours, it can be easy to work yourself to exhaustion.  If you work with people in other time zones or even other countries, they may be coming online as you are getting ready to log off.  Make sure they know your work hours or arrange a time window to work with them.


3. Create a Daily Work Schedule that You Can Stick To

It is important to create a work schedule that you can stick to.  Do you find you are most productive in the morning or evening?  Do you use these hours to create your content, so you are most productive.

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Do you have circumstances that prevent you from creating a work schedule you can stick to?  If you answered yes, you need to find a way to remove these distractions, such as change work hours to a more conducive time or perform non value add activities outside of work hours.  If you have to run a lot or errands during the day, can you do the errands first, so you can spend 3-5 hours per day creating content.  Or work in the morning, then use the afternoon for these non-value add activities.

If you don't create a work schedule you can stick to, you can get distracted, which will negatively impact your productivity.

These delays can stall, delay or derail your online business altogether.


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4. Family members Need to Respect Your Work Time

Set boundaries for family and friends while you're working from home.  Schedule your work time and make sure the kids and spouse know that you are unavailable for playing, chores, etc. during this time.  If they see your door is closed or you are on the phone, they need to respect this time and not disturb you.

They need to know or be reminded to keep the television low, not playing in the house when you are working, or not to disturb you during your work hours.  If needed, put a sign on your door to remind them to knock and not just barge in to your home office.  It may be a room in your house, but it also your work environment.


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5. Dress Like You're at Work

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You may have heard the term, dress for success?  Even if you're working from home, it is important to dress like you're going to work.  That means to be productive while working from home, wear work clothes or jeans, but don't work while sitting in your pajamas or underwear.

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It helps you set a mindset for success, rather than goofing around on your computer while wearing pajamas or underwear.


6. Avoid Playing On Your Cell Phone and Social Media While Working from Home

While working from home, you should avoid playing games on your cell phone and doing social media.  Your phone should only be used for making phone calls, texting or other business needs.

A study revealed that mobile phones and other electronic devices are the biggest distraction during the workday, whether you work in an office or work from home.   Specifically, these devices count for average of 56 minutes  of wasted time per day, or nearly five hours a week of non-work related activities.

That's a lot of wasted time.  If you're an online marketer or freelance worker, that wasted time is potentially lost money in your pocket.

7. Take breaks as Needed

To stay productive while working from home, you should try to take a 5-10 minute break every 60 - 90 minutes. This is especially important if you're working from home.  This is a great way to stretch and relax muscles, and rest tired eyes.  Stand up, stretch and walk around for 2-5 minutes.


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